Casting News: Wonder Woman

Published on February 20th, 2011

And so it has come to pass that we have a new Wonder Woman. Her name is Adrianne Palicki. I have to start by saying she definitely looks the part. Dark hair? Check! Light eyes? Check! A body that is going to make every woman on the planet insecure? Double check! If we’re casting on looks alone, the way Hollywood so often does, then at least we can say they got one thing right. I’d like to throw in that according to, she is 5’11” so yeah – with or without the title Ms. Palicki is definitely an Amazon.

Let’s get into the thicker stuff, like can she do this part? From all the internet stalking I’ve done, I can see that she’s definitely been around for a while, so it’s not like we have a newbie jumping into an established role. I think that she has managed to float under the radar may benefit her in this particular role. Actually, this entire formula might mix together to create Wonder Woman perfection. Here’s why: As much as people wanted big name actresses like Angelina Jolie to take on this role, they might not be as good. We would always see them as who they are first. What I want to see is someone lost in Wonder Woman. I want Adrianne Palicki to become her. Wonder Woman has meant so much to so many people over a lifetime that to have anything less would be doing the character an injustice.


Really, I have an amazing level of hope for this show. I emphasize the word hope. David E. Kelley is writing. He knows how to write powerful women – quirky women, too. That might be what seals the deal as far as this show goes. Diana Prince/Wonder Woman, whatever you choose to call her, has layers. She leaves the safety of her island because she believes in a greater cause. She has compassion for a race for which she’s not meant to have compassion. There’s a lot about her that I hope is touched upon in the series. Mostly, though, I am simply excited to see a character that I have known and loved my whole existence being brought to life in a new way. I look forward to the experience Adrianne Palicki can bring to the role, but I also want the twists that she can provide with her take on the character. I’m impressed with the risks that the creators appear to be taking with this project and am interested to see the end result.

Susan Damon