Sneak Peek: X-Men: First Class

Published on January 21st, 2011

So remember that picture we got the other day? If you don’t, consider yourself lucky. Mathew Vaughn spoke out claiming the picture was just as shitty as we all thought it was, and it was not something he (or 20th Century Fox) approved. So to smooth things over with all us outraged fans on the internet he gave us some new, more promising pictures, plus Fox has put out the image for the teaser poster which actually looks pretty snazzy.


The pictures (see below) include the majority of the cast in normal clothes, looking at something. We also see Professor Xavier and Magneto sharing a fun game of chess, but my favorite is the one with Kevin Bacon as Sebastian Shaw, which is our first glimpse of him, with Emma Frost looking less like a whore than in the picture we will now refer to as “the bad thing.” The last two pictures we have been given feature Magneto in uniform with his trademark head gear, and the second shows Charley Xavier doing some mind stuff.






Being as big a fan of the X-Men as I am, I really want this movie to be good. While these new pictures that have been officially released are better than “the bad thing” I’m still not very impressed, and my skepticism remains. Hopefully we’ll get a trailer soon and my confidence in this movie will build, but for now I’m gonna just sit on the fence.

Ken Zeider