Uncanny Paper Toys

Published on January 26th, 2011

We all have different viewpoints and tastes in comics here at ComicImpact, but we are all fans of the X-Men and the past week we have been talking a lot of shit about one of our favorite teams here with the stuff coming out for the upcoming film: X-Men First Class.

So I wanted to find a post that would be a little bit lighter on mutant kind. So I found this super cool paper toy design of some of your favorite X-Men in their costumes. Such as Cyclops, Emma Frost, Beast (Sorry Ken and Ian), Kitty Pride, Lockheed, Colossus and Wolverine.




These paper toys where designed by Luis Renato Kriegel. Now I am sure you’re asking yourself, where can I get one of those toys? Well guess what? This is where you the ComicImpact reader get to join the fun as these toys are  made out of  paper. So why not test out your DYK skills and go download the templates form Renato’s site.




I love the unique shape these figures have. I think my favorite one has to be Colossus, I just love the idea of him as a blockhead type of figure.

So why not put one of these guys or girls next to your desk at work. I am sure your boss is going to look at you like you’re crazy, but you can just look back him and tell him that I am helping out mutant  kind by sharing  the love. That’s what Magneto told me to tell you.

Simon Daoudi

*Update: If you are intrested in more of these paper cube craft check out www.cubecraft.com !