Review: Avengers #8

Published on January 3rd, 2011

Remember when the last issue of The Avengers came out and The Red Hulk got the crap kicked out of him when he went up against The Hood after he got a hold of a couple gems from the Infinity Gauntlet? That was cool. So cool that it made me super excited for this new issue, and it did not disappoint. So let’s get to the avenging!

The book starts off with Iron Man hanging around one of his old warehouses waiting for the rest of the members of The Illuminati, but there’s a problem. The Illuminati kind of disbanded so they’re all kind of ticked off about getting back together, especially Namor, but when is he not pissed off? Anyway they are joined by the rest of the group including Doctor Strange, Mr. Fantastic (who already knows why the meeting’s been called), and Professor Xavier. They are also joined by Medusa who is filling in for her husband, Black Bolt, who’s busy being dead.


Reed Richards brings Medusa up to speed by telling her that they formed The Illuminati to keep the world safe from the biggest threats and one of those threats was The Infinity Gauntlet, a glove that holds six gems that give the holder supreme power. Each member of the group held one of the gems and and hid them so that the Gauntlet could never be used again.

The book then goes to an Iron Man flashback when The Red Hulk crashed through Avengers Tower. The Hulk has just been beaten by The Hood who had two of the gems which made Red Hulk decide to go to The Avengers for help. Red Hulk goes through the details in front of Steve Rogers and Iron Man, Iron Man realizes what’s going on and heads back to make sure his gem is still in its hiding place.

We’re then brought back to the Illuminati meeting where Reed tells the story of how his Gem was stollen, they also figure out that the other gem had to have belonged to Black Bolt so they decide to go to the former home of the Inhumans to search for clues to find the missing gem. The group is brought to the Himalayas and start to search the catacombs where it is the most likely place that Black Bolt hid the gem. Before they can really find anything Steve Rogers shows up with every Avenger he could find. Rogers then confronts Iron Man and asks him why he’s there.

I’m really liking where this book is going, it’s been kind of a slow start, but even without tons of action this story has me eager to read every word. While I understand Iron Man’s reasons for starting the Illuminati, the whole concept kind of bothered me, and I can’t wait to see what happens when Iron Man has to admit what he’s been doing behind everyone’s back for years to Steve Rogers. One thing that has me really worried though is the lack of Captain America (Bucky), especially after what future Iron Man said about him in the last story arc. On the one hand I think it’s cool that he’s absent while he’s on trial in his own book, but at the same time I’m worried that he won’t be coming back. They don’t even list him on the opening page with the rest of The Avengers. I gotta say Bendis and Romita Jr are at the top of their game with this book, and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Ken Zeider