Sneak Peek: Fantastic Four #587

Published on January 21st, 2011

Are you a fan of Marvel’s first family well next week there will be one less member of the Fantastic Four as the  much-hyped “death” issue where one of the founding members of the team will allegedly lose their life.

This comic is written by Jonathan Hickman and illustrated by Steve Epting. Now with the newly implemented Diamond policies where all domestic, Canadian and UK retailers get their new comics on Tuesdays in order to have all product processed and on the shelf for  Wednesday mornings. Comic book shops will be selling Fantastic Four #587. My guess is to stop the Internet and blog/social networks such as twitter, Facebook and etc.  For spoiling the book for you.


Marvel Comics Vice President Executive Editor Tom Brevoort

John Cassaday provides a shocking “spoiler” variant cover to the issue which ships a week after the release of Fantastic Four #587 to further preserve the surprise events that lead to the dissolution of Marvel’s first super hero team. Also in addition, Marvel has officially announced that there will be no overprint on Fantastic Four #587, in addition to the issue not appearing on newsstands. Polybagging comic books was a popular practice in the ’90s  seen in DC’s “Death of Superman” issue, Superman #75, and Marvel’s “X-Cutioner’s Song” crossover  but has been rarely utilized in recent years.

Simon Daoudi