Review: Superior #3

Published on December 23rd, 2010

Whew man I just got through reading all my books this week and soooo many stuck out!! Loved Fantastic Four & Secret Avengers as well as Incognito and of course Superior.What a way to to start closing out the year! With just one week left I wonder how the next set will top this? I am sure you are wondering how good  Superior #3 written by Mark Millar and drawn beautifully I might add by Leinil Francis Yu. Read on to find out.

superior3Before I get to deep into my review of Superior I would like to say a few things about Marvels creator imprint label Icon. I know DC gets a lot of praise for it’s Vertigo label and honestly it is well deserved and built up. Heck while I may be a Marvel guy at heart  my favorite book ever is Y: The Last Man which as many of you know is under the Vertigo label. I bring all this up because I am starting to see something wonderful happen with the Icon imprint.If you step back and look at the books being printed under that moniker you have Incognito,Scarlet,Powers,Nemesis,Kick-Ass,Kabuki,Criminal,Casanova and of course Superior. All of these books are well written by comic book greats and drawn to suite the stories they involve. I guess the point that I am trying to get at is that this is a label that has legs and plans on sticking around. I am sure you have heard us talk about many of the books I mentioned and you should because they are all excellent well crafted reads that I feel one day with enough time and issues under there belts you will hear mentioned in the same conversation with Vertigo! OK off my soapbox and now onto the actual review!

This book Kicks Kick Asses Ass! I am honestly surprised at how much I enjoy this book seeing as how we compared it to one of my childhood favorite movies BIG. Not that the comparison wasn’t called for because elements of it are there but man when it gets away from those segments it really soars. Millar gets it right with what a Super hero would actually be like in the publics eye and continues to keep me guessing where the hell this story is going to go. It is so nice that the main character Simon is still more over whelmed that he can walk with ease that he doesn’t really care about all his new extra abilities.In this issue we get to see him really let lose and save lives on a grand scale.We also see a new character in Madeline Knox (HOT). Knox looks to be a tv anchor at a NY based news station so I am assuming the Lois Lane comparisons will ensue.We get to see all of this with the help of the beautiful art work of Leinil Francis Yu. Yu has really out done himself in this issue as his work has NEVER looked so beautiful.Superior basically is steady saving lives and still dealing with the issue of trying to find out why this happened to him and how he can explain this to his Mom so she doesn’t worry. We ,as a reader, get let into this emotional roller coaster that is now his life and from the last few pages it looks as though it is about to take a VERY big dip and you can count me in to stick around to see how it turns out!

Final Verdict: You will believe a monkey can scare the shit out of you and a Comic Book can be fun again! Don’t miss ANY issue of Superior!

Sheldon Lee