Review: Amazing Spider-Man #650

Published on December 21st, 2010

It’s so nice to be excited for a Spider-Man book again, I really missed that feeling you get of actually wanting to read about the adventures of this particular wall-crawler. I know everyone here at Comic Impact has been gushing over how great this book is, but I for one can’t get over how much fun the book is at this point. Thank you Dan Slott, Humberto Ramos, and everyone else who’s been working on this book to make it so good.

asm650So last time we saw Spider-Man he was getting his butt handed to him by the new Hobgoblin with his crazy sonic laugh powers when he came to rob Peter Parker’s current place of employment. Spider-Man’s on the ground unable to do anything and Hobgoblin’s about to cut off his head when one of the other research scientists pulls out what I assume is an IPhone and uses it to get into the P.A. system and starts blasting Lady Gaga, as awful as that sounds the audio signal is able to block Hobgoblin’s sonic laugh which gives Peter’s new boss the chance to pull the fire alarm to get the cops there. Hobgoblin then rushes off to grab the Reverbium he came for as Spidey chases after him. Unfortunately the fight doesn’t go too well and Spidey ends up on the floor as Hobgoblin escapes.

When the police show up everyone realizes Peter is nowhere to be found so everyone rushes down to his lab to see if he’s there. Spider-Man quickly gets down to his lab before the others show up to get out of his costume, but doesn’t get a chance to get into his regular clothes. So when everyone shows up they open the door to see Peter in his underpants with headphones on making it look like he was in the lab the whole time, unaware of the attack. Peter just plays it off like he does his best work in the buff, a little odd but his boss seems to accept it.

Now Spider-Man has to up his game to get back the Reverbium and take out Hobgoblin. So what does he do? First he enlists the help of The Black Cat to help him track it down and steal it back, and he busts out a brand new stealth Spider-Man suit that makes him invisible and completely unnoticeable to the human ear by warping light and sound. In fact the suit works so well Black Cat has to wear special goggles and an ear piece to see and hear him.

There’s also a bonus story at the end involving Mac Gargan  getting broken out of The Raft by Alistair Smythe who’s got his own new fancy Spider-Slayer armor. It’s a cool little bonus that I’m sure will make its way into the regular book. I’m kind of hopeful that Smythe will make Gargan The Scorpion again, but we’ll just have to wait and see on that one.

I’m sorry I just can’t get over how cool this book is right now, this is the quality of story-telling that Spider-Man deserves. I love how Slott is able to mix humor with action without it being too goofy. He just knows how to properly write Spider-Man. And I know we keep saying it, but Ramos’ art is fantastic, I love his facial expressions, nobody puts emotion into a character like he does. I like the new stealth costume too, it’s basically the Iron-Spider-Man suit he had during Civil War with different colors, but I think it looks cool. I like the neon green you see inside the book better than the red on the cover. I can see how people might be upset to see Spider-Man outside of the classic red and blue, but what I think is cool about it is that it serves a purpose. It’s giving Peter a chance to show off his talents in science which gives him an edge over the bad guy. The suit has a purpose and I’m sure that when he’s done with it he’ll go back to his classic costume so I’m just looking at it as something fun to enjoy while it lasts knowing it’s only temporary. Although I hope the awesomeness in this book isn’t temporary.

Ken Zeider