Review: The Walking Dead S1 Ep1

Published on November 1st, 2010


The Walking Dead premiered on AMC last  tonight and I was NOT disappointed. The intensity you get when you read it has been captured on screen so amazingly.  In the first five minutes I was already in that slightly uncomfortable but so intrigued I can’t look away place I go to when I read the book. I mean, little girl zombie trying to eat you while holding her stuffed animal is just twisted, yet not another cheesy zombie story. I knew things needed to change from page to screen but was afraid the story would stray and become way over the top, AMC found the perfect balance. I know there are some people who did not like that the TV show was in color, Simon, but I have to say certain scenes were slightly creepier in color. You have these moments of emotional torment set against, what should be, a happy sunshiny day.  There is something just wrong with that contrast that works for this show.

Andrew Lincoln plays Rick and seriously brought his A game.  I wasn’t entirely sure he would be able to completely mask his British accent but once he started talking I forgot he wasn’t from Georgia. He brought this character to life. I look forward to seeing him evolve as the show progresses. The scenes when he first wakes up in the hospital and finds he is alone and needs to get out were so well done. He projected fear and confusion, you felt like you were watching a man trying to run for his life and than you feel the desperation and sorrow when he makes it home and finds his family is gone. He looks like a man who lost his world. I have to say, all the actors really blew me away. Everyone just put themselves out there and gave strong performances. That includes the flesh eating zombies.

Speaking of amazing zombies, the makeup team should stand up and take a bow. Talk about talented people who know what they are doing. Every zombie looked different yet uniformed. The effort and time put into this aspect of the show is by far, one of the biggest highlights. You have all these extras who look like they are decaying and falling apart right in front of your eyes. From one extreme to the other, someone just barely dead or someone who has decayed so far they have no legs, the detail is awesome. Nothing looks rushed or half-assed.


The bottom line is, this show was just as good as the book. I am going to watch it again before next week because I am sure I will find little bits and pieces that I missed the first time around. The world they created is rich with detail and deserves a second look anyway. There is one thing that I thought was funny, the smart ass one liner at the end of the show. You have this intense moment broken up by this cocky voice that helped cut the tension. I know for me it made me giggle and reminded me I was watching it all on TV and it wasn’t actually happening.

For anyone who has never read Image’s  The Walking Dead, the zombie’s are not the focus of the story, it is a people story, the zombies are the trigger not the bullet. It is really about the living dealing with this world they have been thrown into. You don’t have perfect people, everyone is just dealing with the cards they were dealt and it’s not always pretty. You should consider picking up the trades and reading along with the tv series. I am willing to bet you’ll get sucked in to the stroy Robert Kirkman has created.

Christina Flores