Review: The Thanos Imperative #6

Published on November 13th, 2010

The Thanos Impertaive #6 of 6 is a tough comic for me to review. It is in this issue that my love and great appreciation for Marvel’s fantastic cosmic stories fuses badly with my unbias thoughts on how this issue actually played out. You might be aware that everytime an issue of this series has been released, I’ve sung my praises from the rooftops and illuminated the sky with many a beautiful melody. But this issue was a real head scratcher. If I were to give this issue a mark out of ten, I’d give it a five, just because the good and bad bits balance each other out.

The stories revolving around The Fault and the Cancerverse were being told way before this limited series even started, so I was a bit shocked to see that this issue alone, managed to bring everything to a close. It sort of felt like this meaty story which had been building up for a while ended at the drop of a hat. It somewhat lacked the big ending I thought it deserved. Thanos’ surrender to the evil Lord Mar-Vell turned out to be a cleverly plotted trick, which resulted in the complete destruction of the Cancerverse and everything related to it. The issue ends with Nova and Star-Lord trapping themselves in the collapsed Cancerverse with Thanos. They do have a cosmic cube though, so who knows what has happened to them, but they are presumed dead by everyone back in the 616 Universe (the reasons for them doing this are explained in the issue). The thing is, no matter how I could try and explain the story to you, it just wouldn’t seem ‘epic’. Why wouldn’t it seem ‘epic’ you might ask? Because it wasn’t epic, and that is my problem with it. This series has been a rollercoster ride of wonderful and shocking moments, but the ending here was just a bit “meh” to be honest. It really did deserve to go out with a bang I felt, and there was very little bang to be found here.


On the other hand I was glad it brought this story to an abrupt close, because it’s going to be good to finally see what Marvel have in store for new stories in their cosmic line. It’s refreshing to know that The Fault story is behind us and we can move onto new things. Star-Lord, Nova and Thanos are obviously not dead. In the cosmic realms, no one really dies, you just end up in Oblivion or la-la land, it doesnt really matter where specifically because Abnett and Lanning won’t leave you there for long.  Plus we didn’t see any bodies. I am interested to see what Marvel have in the way of plans for new series, as Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy were put on hiatus whilst this limited series was playing out. I no doubt think the Guardians will carry on, but with a new leader and a new rooster.

Need I mention the artwork in this series yet again? I say this every single Goddamn time, but the artwork is absolutely stunning. It’s a joy to see Miguel Sepulveda draw my favourite characters. I hope he sticks around to draw some more cosmic stuff in future books! The only somewhat ‘epic’ page in this comic was only made epic through Miguel’s artwork too, and that was the page with Star-Lord and Nova charging towards Thanos as the Cancerverse collapses in on them (shown in the picture above). It was great and it’s a page I’d love a print of without the word bubbles.

I suppose I’ve been a bit harsh on this book. It was an intelligent read and cleverly written in places, with some outstanding dialogue as per usual, and really it wasn’t too bad a book for a last issue. It just lacked that dramatic kick I was hoping it was deliver. But as I’ve said, I’m glad that we can move on now into new territories of story-telling. Next month, be sure to save up your pennies so you can afford ‘The Thanos Imperative: Devastation’ comic. I’m not sure at this point whether it’s a one shot or a mini series, but I’m sure it’s nothing Google can’t answer.

I’ll leave you with a few things that came to my mind about this issue which arn’t really related to any form of reviews, they are just observations. Firstly, I thought it was quite cool and clever how the statue of Star-Lord and Nova on the very last page looks identical to the picture of them on the front cover. Intentional? Perhaps, perhaps not. Secondly, the statue I just mentioned, does it not really remind anyone else of something you’d see in Fable II or Fable III? Lastly, what the hell happened to Jack Flag?

Rob Andrews