Review: Superior #2

Published on November 22nd, 2010

Normally it goes about three or four months between Mark Millar’s books, so I was more than surprised to see Superior #2 out on the shelf this week. Don’t get me wrong I was quite happy to see the book after only a month or so, it was just very surprising.

superior2If you didn’t read the first issue, or read Simon’s review on the first issue, or listen to the POW Podcast where we couldn’t stop laughing for twenty minutes (shame on you) Superior is about a young boy named Simon with multiple sclerosis who is visited by a space monkey one night and given a wish. And little Simon wishes to become his favorite super-hero, Superior.

This book starts with Simon climbing into the window of his best friend, Chris. Chris is scared out of his mind and holds a bat to his friend he doesn’t recognize, and calls for his dad for help. Simon grabs his friend and after some arguing Simon is able to convince his friend who he really is. So what do two kids do now that one of them is as powerful as Superman? They sneak out into the woods to test out these awesome super powers! They start off small by testing out Simon’s vision. Simon is capable of reading a newspaper from a pretty impressive distance, and can even see through the newspaper. He also has some pretty outstanding hearing. Now it’s time to try out the real powers, first they try out laser vision which ends with a pretty big forest fire that Simon has to put out with his freeze-breath, that takes down a good chunk of the forest with it. So then they try out the super-strength by pulling six train cars down a track. At first Simon can’t do it, but when he uses all the memories of the frustration he went through because of his disease he is able to break through his mental blocks and pull the trains with ease.

So now there’s one power left, flight. Simon is scared to try it because he could fall, but Chris reminds Simon that he’s indestructible as Superior. After some concentration Simon starts to float, but as he feared he cannot control it. Simon tries to grab some trees, but he keeps floating away until he ends up in the clouds. The next thing we see is a space station crumbling in the sky and falling towards Earth. The book ends with Simon staring at the destruction in complete confusion.

With the first issue I was kind of on the fence, but I really found myself enjoying this book. I really like how this is a twist on the movie Big, and the same qualities that I enjoyed in that movie are found in this book without being a complete rip-off. It’s two best friends enjoying an outlandish situation. I love how the kids are testing all these powers in a real-life situation, my favorite part being when they burn down a chunk of the forest. I do wish that they had taken some time to explore the indestructibility of Superior, that could have been really funny to see Chris just try to beat the crap out of Superior, or maybe even test out that scene in Superman Returns when Superman gets shot in the eye and the just bullet bounces off. And I have to mention how cool Leinil Yu’s art is, the guy just does a phenomenal job. I just hope they keep up on this book and issue three comes out in a decent amount of time.

Ken Zeider