Review: Scarlet #3

Published on November 10th, 2010

When last we saw Scarlet she was kinda busy enacting revenge on the crooked cop that murdered her boyfriend and turned her world upside down. This creator owned title put out under Marvels Icon books promises us that we will see a new American Revolution take place in this book. Did Bendis and Maleev make it happen in this issue? Read on to find out!


In this issue Scarlet doesn’t really talk to us the reader as much as she has in previous books as  she is pretty busy dealing with the out come of her actions. Having just murdered the detective that both killed her boyfriend and shot her in the head she decides she needs to get it off her chest. She goes to one of the only people who she can possibly trust, her dead ex’s best friend. Once there she explains that she has taken revenge and has taken the cash that was being used as dirty money on the streets and tells him of her plan to start a revolution using that small lump sum.

He is of course a little taken back but it was his best friend so you assume he will go a long with and he seems to pretty effortlessly. Scarlet then enacts a plan to take out the officer that gave the aforementioned crooked detective his high ranking position to begin with and does so with great ease.

This book really has some great moments in it. Aside from having a great story with promises from Bendis to only snowball and get bigger and bigger the way in which he lets it unfold is pretty believable and great to watch. In particular some of his techniques for showing you the reader the relationships is pretty clever and it pulls you in. In particular the little bit about the ex boyfriends best friend.

It reminds me of  what he used for telling a little bit of Scarlet’s history. It doesn’t bog you down but gives you snippets of a life once lived. That along with Maleev’s awesome art and you have a winner! My hope how ever is that this book does pick up the pace a little more and we move from local anarchist to something bigger, as Bendis has promised. It is not that I am not enjoying the ride but it is easy to allow yourself  to not be drawn in after a month or so away. I will give the mad genius a little slack as he seems to be molding the entire Marvel Universe. Which I might add is just fine by me!

Final Verdict:Stick around for what will no doubt end up being a terrific, if not revolutionary ride into one of the best new series in comics!

Sheldon Lee