Review: Invincible # 75

Published on November 9th, 2010

In a time of economic hardship it’s hard for people to pay double thenormal price for anything.  Whatever the item may be, it really better deliver if you’re charging that much extra for it.  That said, Invincible #75 does nothing but deliver!  In romantic terms, you might call it a “generous lover.”


Invincible is written by Robert Kirkman with consistently amazing art from Ryan Ottley.  Issue #75 continues the “Viltrumite War” story arc that has been going on since issue #71.  Though this book carries a whopping $5.99 price tag, it features a 34 page main story and a 12 page backup Science Dog story that continues the ongoing arc that is featured in every 25th issue of Invincible.  On top of all that there’s a 6 page Tech Jacket story that is 5 of an 8 part series featured at the end of the past five issues of Invincible.  Yeah, it’s that cool.

The Viltrumite War is reaching its climax, as the Coalition Of Planets gears up for a final confrontation with the Viltrumite Empire.  Having taken a harsher beating during the siege of Talescria (the capitol planet of the Coalition Of Planets), the Viltrumites have retreated to their home world for this last stand.  So the combined forces of Invincible, Omni-Man, Young Omni-Man, Allen the Alien, Battle Beast, Space Racer, Tech Jacket and Thaedus fly off to Viltrum to finish the Viltrumites off.  They’re quickly attacked in orbit of Viltrum surrounded by the ring of dead Viltrumites circling the planet from the virus that decimated their species.  The ensuing battle is nothing but epic.  It’s just a no holds barred space brawl that leaves many characters badly injured, if not dead.

I can’t begin to express how much I love Invincible.  I was getting angry that it had been so long since issue #74, especially considering the long delays that the book was known for around issues 50-60.  I was even more irked by the $5.99 price tag on issue #75, but it was more than worth it.  Kirkman just can not do wrong in my opinion and I think that this series is his best work.  Early on I felt that his dialogue was at times a bit forced, but he has since changed that.  He’s so good at developing character personality.  It’s really rare to find a character in the Invincible universe who is just a flat, plot device.  Kirkman finds a way to give every character, even the ones with smaller roles, fantastic personality and motivation.

Ottley’s art is second to none.  He is at the top of his game with this issue and really goes crazy with the splash pages.  There are at least seven throughout the book, and in case anyone is looking for a Christmas gift for me…I’d kill for the original art for the double page splash on pages 2 &3 which can be seen at his Deviantart.  As always, Ottley doesn’t skimp on the blood and gore, but that’s what makes Invincible great.  He’s a great partner for Kirkman because he gives his characters the same amount of personality that Kirkman does.

Overall, Invincible #75 is totally worth the hefty price tag.  Go out, get the trades, catch up, and start reading, “The Best Superhero Comic Book In The Universe.”  Oh, and Image?  PLEASE give us a monthly Science Dog book.  And while you’re at it, a monthly Allen The Alien book would be killer, too.

Ian Candish