Review: Invaders Now #3

Published on November 19th, 2010

This Invaders series is now in full effect. We have the original line up of  Cap,Human Torch,Toro, Bucky,Namor,Spitfire,Union Jack and The Original Vision. Now while you would think that this would automatically make this an epic comic well you just might be wrong or not read on to find out if writer Christos Gage and artist Caio Reiss knock it out of the park or fall short of the finish line.


The Invaders have always been about protecting the weak. During World War 2  when they were around they both fought the bad guys and protected the innocents from the war that raged on around them. In the last issue we found out that there was once a town that they had to destroy in order to protect the rest of Europe. We also found out that the diseases that Arnim Zola was trying to spread through Europe back then is back now haunting our Invaders.At the end of the last issue  The Invaders were attacked by their foes The Uberkommandos.Now having successfully held them at bay the discovered that most of what they were fighting was a lie constructed by one of the last survivors of  the town who is hell bent on making a few changing history at any cost.

This issue is primarily a slug fest.We basically get to see The Invaders of old working together to fight the Uberkommandos. The story itself is pretty light for these heavy Marvel hitters. One would expect a better story here and with two issues left I am not sure we will get to see it. I feel like these characters as a group are getting under used as they are  a lot more powerful then Marvel is letting them be. Unfortunately this is a recurring issue not just in Marvel comics but DC as well. Some of these characters have been around for more then 50 years and should be given the respect they deserve with big stories that are deeply engaging the whole of the Marvel Universe.Unfortunately we usually get the easy way out involving an X book or an Avenger book. I would however love for Marvel to try something different and really try to build up an older team with smart story points and long lasting  story know like they did with Agents of Atlas….of yeah  that book was canceled. Well I guess we will just have to wait till Bendis or Parker get a hold of The Invaders and maybe then we will see these characters bloom into something more. I would like to mention that the art work is also not particularly great. In some instances it definitely seems rushed.

Final Verdict: I would say skip it. The series seems to be going no where quick and also seems to have no long lasting character defining moments. Allow me to read it for you and I will let you know if it is worth going back to read. Til then wait for something worth the name The Invaders comes along.

Sheldon Lee