Review: Captain America #612

Published on November 30th, 2010

I have been in love with Ed Brubaker’s  work on Captain America  for sometime now. A long time before there was ever a and even before I meet Ed Brubaker fanboy #1 ComicImpact’s co founder Sheldon.


I have been loving his use of Bucky as the new  Captain America but in the back of my head I have known for  some time that it  would end with Steve Rogers coming back. I never imagined that a c-span story line involving Bucky’s past as the  Soviet  assassin (Winter Soldier) would be this must fun. Sure I love politics and I know that Ed Brubaker is into political history as well.

In the last story line with Zemo we got a lot of action but not so much in ” The Trial of Captain America” so far.I feel that  Brubaker is doing something great he is asking the reader some very  important questions. If he is acquitted  how would you feel about a ex-Soviet assassin  wearing the Captain America uniform and how will the rest of the Marvel universe deal with it and what about the people that hate him for his history and does  Bucky still want to be Captain America at the end of the day?Sooo many questions!In this issue we get to see Bucky with his lawyers. We also see The Falcon & Black Widow kick some ass and maybe one of the most fucked up kisses in Marvel Comic history with Sin and Master Man.

I still have a hard time closing my eyes after seeing that page. All this and the amazing  Butch Guice is back on art.. The only down fall to this book is there is a lot  of story that I think was rushed in one issue. I would love if Marvel or Brubaker would  put this into one issue. I feel it would be a better issue if we would have just had one of Bucky siting  down and talking to his lawyers but I am also a big fan of people just siting around and talking after all one of my favorite films is Glengarry Glen Ross.

So I am fine with a little bit less action more talking heads. I personally love that stuff. If your looking to pick up a super hero book that will make you think after your done reading it then pick up  ”The Trial of Captain America”  because this is one story line that is not to be missed out on.

Simon Daoudi