Review: Batman Incorporated #1

Published on November 23rd, 2010

At the end of Batman & Robin # 16 we saw Bruce Wayne publicly reveal that he’s the financier behind Batman’s war on crime. Now with Batman Inc finally out, we get a first look at Wayne’s mission to recruit an international association of Batman and Grant Morrison’s Batman International Man of Mystery… oh wait that’s Austin Powers.

batmanincorporatedThe book opens up with a man (Mr. Unknown) getting his hands burnt off. We found out that he was Batman’s counterpart in Japan too. We also get to meet Jiro the partner of Mr. Unknown as he is walking in right after his master was killed by Lord Death Man. After a few pages of Jiro fighting  for his life. We see Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle (Catwoman) steal something important from Doctor Sivana’s secret armory in Gotham.

At this point in the book we get to see Bruce and Selina in Tokyo. There is also a part with Bruce and Selina that I think I saw in a dirty movie that started like that when I was younger . That’s right Comic Impact readers, sexy time in the GYM.

I think Yanick Paquette’s artwork is the best for this comic too. We see Mr. Unknown’s underground base, complete with advanced tech. This is a great  parallel between Batman and Robin’s world. I just hope we don’t get to see something like this in every continent that Bruce goes to because that would get old very fast, but it was still great to look at.

There is a great scene when Catwoman discovers tentacle porn. I love that Grant Morrison would put something like that right before a big fight where we get a few pages of Bruce kicking some ass. It feels great seeing Batman one more time taking the bad guys down with some help from Catwoman. That’s something we have not seen in long time with some great action panels by Paquette, it’s made me  fall in love with this new dynamic duo.

The end of this book was great and I don’t feel like spoiling it for you readers either. This a great set up issue and a great jumping on point for new Batman fans, or if you’ve stopped reading Batman. I would say before this you may want to read ‘Batman: The Return’ also by Morrison with artwork by David Finch.  This is a great idea of having other Batman in a different part of the world. I just hope we don’t get sick of it really fast. I am a bit annoyed this is not a mini-series and this is an on going book.  I’m glad that Morrison would do this, after all we did get to meet knight and squire, the UK counterparts of Batman in a few of the Batman and Robin issues.  This was a lot of fun and I can’t wait to see the rest of this story line. I hope that it will still be fun when issue #20 comes out and will still have a fresh feel to it. What does get old fast is Geoff Johns and all his different lantern colors. I can’t stand that book anymore.

Simon Daoudi