Sneak Peak: Judge Dredd

Published on November 19th, 2010

Ok I know I am one of only 5 people in the United States that will care about this but when I was a young comic fan living in France I was a big fan of 200 AD’s  Judge Dredd comic. Dredd is still one of my top comic characters of all time .The Brian Bolland stuff is still  some of my favorite artwork in comics.  Well hold on tight because we now get our first look at  Karl Urban as Judge Dredd . Sure this is only a photo of Karl Urban from the rehearsals but WOW!!! right?.


Check out how bad ass he looks and the helmet looks great. I can’t wait for this film and NO I was never a fan of the Sylvester Stallone’s  film back in 1995.Here is a quick quote from Urban himself.

There will be “no gold codpieces” in this film. Also, Urban said you will not see his face in the film as Dredd will not take his mask off. Urban felt this was a very important aspect to the character to make him an enigma and a symbol of “faceless justice.”

I have high hopes for this new film and I am sure the people of Mega City One are in the same boat as me!

Simon Daoudi