Collecting: DC Dynamics Green Lantern

Published on November 13th, 2010

Whoa!  Did you see the promo for the Green Lantern movie last night?  Don’t listen to Simon, it looks awesome!  The future looks bright for Hal Jordan with the big budget, theatrical film coming out next summer so this week’s Statue Saturday features Mr. Jordan in all his glory.

The DC Dynamics Green Lantern is designed and sculpted by Tim Bruckner.  It is a hand painted, cold cast porcelain statue that measures 13″ high x 4″ wide x 4″ deep.  The DC Dynamics series features DC characters in “dynamic” positions.  They’re really busts that use a semi-transparent, plastic type material to hide the character’s lower half.  We at Comic Impact reviewed the DC Dynamics Batman in September.


This Green Lantern statue is, to be super corny, very dynamic.  The DC Dynamics statues all have very pronounced musculature, and Green Lantern is no exception.  From his washboard, six pack abs to his rippling arms, Hal is clearly demonstrating that Oa has a 24 Hour Fitness.  His left hand is opened, with his fingers hanging freely.  I always like seeing that; it’s very easy to just ball up the fists on a statue and steer clear of the difficulty of making fingers.  The right hand is in a fist and features his power ring.  The whole right hand is slightly visible through the semi-transparent material, which in this is statue is shaped into the energy emanating from Hal’s ring.  It’s also nice to see that Bruckner chose to have Hal’s hair blowing back instead of going the easy route of just making the hair into a blob on top of Hal’s head.  Overall, the sculpt is really good.

The paint job is also pretty solid.  There is a little bit of a lighter brown color used in Hal’s hair as a highlight which is a nice touch.  His eyes are colored silver which I thought was really interesting.  If you look at his eyes from certain angles in certain lights it looks like he has very subtle pupils in the silver.  Very cool.  My one complaint about the paint is the lips.  Hal looks like he’s wearing lipstick, his lips are only a bit darker than skin tone but they’re super glossy!

Overall, this is a really great statue.  I’m not a big fan of Hal’s older, tank-top look, but that’s just personal preference.  If you’re looking to pick this one up you can find it on Amazon for $154.99, which is a $40 discount off of DC Direct’s $195 price tag.

Ian Candish