2010 Halloween Costume Contest Results

Published on November 9th, 2010

Sorry for the delay, oh faithful Comic Impact readers.  The costume submissions were all so amazing that we at Comic Impact needed another day to deliberate before making our final decision.

For those who don’t know, we at Comic Impact have been holding our second annual Halloween Costume Contest over the past few weeks.  The rules were pretty simple: put together your best comic book inspired costume, use out our Comic Impact Halloween logo, and get those cameras clicking!  The contest officially came to a close on November 5th, and we’ve been deciding on winners ever since.  FYI, you guys did not make it easy on us.

We received some really astounding entries.  It would have been a lot of weight off of our shoulders if we could say, “A few of them just weren’t contenders,” but in reality every single entry knocked our socks off.  All of us at Comic Impact were really impressed with how much effort, thought and creativity went into making all of these costumes.  Not only were the costumes fantastic, but everyone’s showmanship was great as well.  All the contestants really managed to get inside the skin of their character’s really well.

Okay, okay, we all know the real reason everyone is here: time for the results!

  • Third Prize, a copy of Hulk #25 signed by its artist, Gabriel Hardman goes to……Gina Greco for her horrifyingly detailed, nightmare inducing Black Lantern Hawkgirl.
  • Second Prize, a copy of Uncanny X-Force #1 signed by the book’s artist, Jerome Opena, goes to……Tia Rodemeyer for her angry, “I am woman, hear me roar,” Batgirl.
  • And our grand prize, a $100 Amazon gift card goes to……Sam McClellan for his Ant Man complete with tirelessly airbrushed musculature.


tia_halloweencostume1 gina_halloweencostume1

Again, this was an immensely difficult decision to make.  All the costumes were really incredible.  There was Paul Lombard’s Joker which was startlingly true to the character.  Paul also deserves some credit for printing the Comic Impact logo onto a playing card.  Clever, sir.  Jay Geraths deserves a nod not only for a really well made costume but also for creating his own, original character.  Then there’s A.J. Roberts as “Crappy Duct-Tape Iron Man.”  You sir, deserve special commendation.  Well done.  Well done.

Thanks again to everyone who participated.  You all made this one Hell of a fun contest. Make sure to listen to this week’s Pick Of the Week Podcast to hear us talk about the winners and our thoughts on the contest.

Ian Candish