Review: The Thanos Imperative #5

Published on October 19th, 2010

It’s no lie that it’s been a while since I have reviewed a comic. It’s no lie that I have decided to review a comic for you right now on the very last day in the week of it’s release. But it would be a lie if someone told you I wasn’t writing this with paint stained hands, an optimistic outlook and my eyes gleaming with excitment, as I am going to review for you, The Thanos Imperative #5 of 6, possibly the most Universe shattering issue of the series yet.

The curtains are gradually coming down on this thrilling series, but the action and drama isn’t going to stop until the echo of that last note has faded into silence throughout the vast Opera house which is the Marvel Universe. So what’s been going on if you’ve not been following The Thanos Imperative? Well, the Cancerverse has invaded the 616 Universe and it looks like they’re succeeding at their task of hunting down and destroying the Avatar of Death, being Thanos. The evil Lord Mar-Vell has tracked Thanos back into the Cancerverse where Thanos and the Guardians were aiming to reverse the chaos and put a stop to the war. There are a lot of minor points of which some are vital to know and some are not, but I’m afraid it would take too long to explain every detail at 5 issues in.


This issue is where the water really starts to boil. Shit goes down ladies and gents. After he learns of Star-Lord’s plan, Nova leaves his merry band of cosmic powerhouses to go into the Fault and assist the Guardians on their mission with Thanos. He did not appear fighting alongside them in this issue, it just showed him teleporting into the Fault, so we’ll see Star-Lord and Nova fighting side by side (just like old times) in the following final issue. And just as well too, because with the spoiler at the end of this issue, it looks like Star-Lord and the Guardians are going to need all the support they can get. One hell of a plot twist was all it took to place the Guardians in a whole world of pain. Thanos betrayed the good guys and handed himself over as a servant to the hands of Lord Mar-Vell.

I predict death in the next issue, lots of death. I reckon we won’t be seeing some of our beloved Guardians coming back from the Fault, at least not in one piece. After that stunning ending, I really cannot say where this series is going to leave us once it’s over. I thought I had an idea or two, but this issue wiped my slate clean and I’m amazed. The aftermath of this event will be huge, and who knows what it will involve.

Gob-smacking spoilers aside, I would like to congratulate Abnett and Lanning once again for a brilliant job with the dialogue. I’m not sure which of the two handles that, it’s probably both of them, but it’s always a pleasure to read. The conversations (if you could call them that) between Star-Lord and Thanos are always amusing, and the scientific reasoning behind everything that goes on, as fictional and cosmic-crazy as it is, is easy to understand whilst being engaging as well.

Miguel Sepulveda’s artwork is as wonderful as it’s been in every issue throughout this series. His facial expressions during the heated fight scene between Thanos and Lord Mar-Vell were as painful and tortured as they should have looked for two characters who hated each others guts (or so we thought). His ability to make characters look as if they genuinely want to jump out the page and strangle your fucking head off, is uncanny.

I think you can see how much I loved this issue, and I’m sure you can imagine how much I’d recommend it to anyone. I’ll leave you with two questions. Who will survive? What do you think the future for marvel’s cosmic heroes will be?

Rob Andrews