Review: The New Avengers #5

Published on October 18th, 2010

Since Marvel decided to reboot all the Avengers’ series my favorite has been The New Avengers by Brian Michael Bendis and Stuart Immonen. I think it has the best cast of characters, great art, great story, and it’s just been really fun. To me it seems like the spot-light has been on the regular Avengers series and there’s a lot of pressure on that book to be raising the bar. This book is just really fun. The characters seem to enjoy each others company even when they’re fighting for their lives and the well-being of the entire dimension.


In this first story-line the Avenger’s home dimension is being attacked by demons, and someone claiming to be Dr. Strange’s original mentor to get The Eye of Agamotto. In issue four Iron Fist was taken to the other dimension and convinced that Dr. Strange stole the Eye, so when Iron Fist was returned he punched Dr. Strange in the face. In this issue Dr. Strange explains that you cannot steal the Eye, the Eye chooses it’s owner and anyone who has ever tried to steal the Eye has failed to do so. So the question is if the person claiming to be Strange’s mentor was lying, who is this person really? While everyone is trying to figure it out this entity shows up this time claiming to be Agamotto himself. He demands the Eye, but Strange refuses to give it to him because it belongs to Doctor Voodoo, then Voodoo shows up and challenges Agamotto to a deathmatch, and of course Agamotto accepts the challenge. Can a bunch of superheroes really take down the original Sorceror Supreme of Earth? Well Voodoo’s got a plan, he figures if he can use a spell of binding to put all The New Avengers powers together into one vessel they could stand a pretty good chance against Agamotto. But which Avenger will serve as the vessel? Wolverine. Did you really have to think about it?

I really do like this book, I love seeing The Thing outside the Fantastic Four. I think he especially brings a lot to this book, he works well with Spider-Man, Ms. Marvel or Wolverine. Like I said before this is a group of friends who you could see having a friendly game of cards if they weren’t out fighting demons and monsters. Although compared to the last four issues this one felt kind of rushed. It’s been a somewhat confusing storyline and Bendis was really trying to put all the pieces here together, and give the reader some much needed information on the Eye of Agamotto. I was really confused with Hawkeye’s role in this book as well, you see him in the beginning climbing out from underneath a car then he finds the rest of the team and says, “Hey I got a Avengers Priority Emergency, gotta go.” Then he leaves with Spider-Man being just as confused as I am. Why is he leaving to do stuff with the other team when Wolverine and Spider-Man who are also on that time are staying behind? I hope Bendis explains Hawkeye’s departure because it just felt like he had nothing for Hawkeye to do and just wrote him out hastily.

If you’re not reading The New Avengers you must hate fun, and you’re not doing yourself any favors. I don’t see any reason to not read this book, and I personally cannot wait for the next issue.

Ken Zeider