Review: Jurassic Park Redemption #4

Published on October 15th, 2010

There are only a few movies that come close to being as entertaining as Jurassic Park in my book. Unfortunately for me and other fans of this series the sequels just don’t match up to the original, no matter how much I want them to. But I love dinosaurs and I love to see them in movies so I keep on seeing the movies, and I would gladly throw down another ten or twelve bucks on a fourth movie. I was hoping that IDW’s new comic book series would be a suitable continuation of the series since Universal can’t seem to get their act together on making another movie.

jurassicparkredemption4This storyline takes place thirteen years after the first movie where Tim and Lex are now grown up and trying to repair their family’s legacy. So Tim’s been secretly cloning new dinosaurs for a new park in Texas and some secret guy has been letting them out to make sure that InGen’s legacy stays in the toilet, and at the end of issue three it was revealed that it was Tim and Lex’s Uncle Peter (The rich guy from the second movie) that’s been causing all the trouble. Apparently getting crippled and horribly disfigured by a baby T-Rex can put a guy in a really foul mood and makes him obsessed with mis-directed revenge. So Tim is trapped with his Uncle getting the Bond-Villain explanations while the townspeople are being terrorized by wild dinosaurs.

The first three issues were kind of slow and I was getting ready to give up on this book, but this new issue has won back my attention. For starters Dr. Ellie Sattler and Dr. Allan Grant show up to help out, and Dr. Grant still can’t figure out how to work a seat belt. And we finally get to see the dinosaurs do some stuff. I particularly enjoyed seeing the Carnotaurus try to eat a car, and also seeing another guy get impaled on a Triceratops’ horn.

That being said, I have some serious issues with this book as well. First off I am not impressed with the art. The dinosaurs look kind of cool, but the people don’t. I have a really hard time telling the people apart. It seems that the artist has a basic face design and the only thing that differentiates a character is their hair color or if they wear glasses. I don’t see any resemblance to Dr. Grant in this book to Sam Neill. I don’t think the story is that great either, I like the idea of the kids being grown up and being the focus of the story, I just don’t think it was executed very well. My thought is that with a comic book the writer doesn’t have to worry about spending millions of dollars on special effects, and I don’t think they took advantage of that. I really think they could have done something on a huge scale that could have been really fun, but this story has the same feel to me as a Sci-Fi Channel original movie.

I’m four issues into this book so I might as well pick up issue five to see how this storyline ends, but if I’m going to continue reading this series they’re going to have to do better. Despite my feelings on this comic, I would still love to see a fourth movie.

Ken Zeider