Review: Hulk #26

Published on October 27th, 2010

Hulk…what more can I say. In the past few years we have seen Red Hulk emerge as a major player in the world of both the Incredible Hulk and Marvel Comics. Now that things are going a different direction in the Age of Heroes though it seems like Red Hulk has cleaned up and decided to play nice with the good guys in the  rest of the Marvel Universe. So how’s it going to be in this issue when he comes face to face with the god of thunder? Join me now as I review issue 26 of the Jeff Parker ,Gabriel Hardman run of HULK!

hulk26This issue starts off right away with the events of the last issue and moves pretty fast! First as we all knew (SPOILER ALERTS) that Tony did not die. His exoskeleton was actually examining the creatures and this allowed him to be out of harms way as the techno zombie creatures would have tore right through his Ironman Armor. Tony then half heartily apologizes to  Red Hulk for kicking him around a bit and says that he is going to have to gain every ones trust that all the events they just went through with him  two months ago are not going to just disappear from every one’s mind. Commander Steve then joins them as they clean up the rest of the mess they made and instructs them on the next mission and this time Steve has brought more friends! Unfortunately for Hulk it is Thor.They didn’t get a long so well last time and Steve instructs the Hulk that this is a job and he has to be a good soldier and just go out there and get it done! Of course no one told that to Thor who starts going to town on Red Hulk. Then Galactus steps in to stop them……sort of. Actually it was just a hologram made by Bruce Banner to avoid the two from killing one another and causing mass property damage! After explaining to them that they still have to stop The Scorched Earth plan put in place by M.O.D.O.K and the leader , HULK and Thor agree to put there differences aside and go forward and take out the next object…a giant asteroid heading toward the earth with a collapsed black hole inside……so yeah they have a kinda big mission.

The mission that HULK  and Thor had to do was a two part one. The first involved Thor throwing the HULK and himself into the first asteroid and destroying it (which they accomplished with ease) the second was to destroy the other asteroid before the black hole could open …….they were not as fortunate with this one. I won’t completely spoil it for you but basically at the end of the issue Red Hulk lands at the feet of The Watcher (who he punched out  many issues ago) and The Watcher basically says that he is here to Observe a big even in time but he basically can’t and won’t do anything to change it. Could this mean the end of teh Earth? I hope not cause Red Hulk would just punch that big headed fool again! Once again the story moves and feels very cinematic with help from both Parker and Hardman. This is really turning into a much more fun ride then I had initially anticipated with this HULK title. I love what Parker and Hardmen bring to this book and this is just another reason why I wish they did every Marvel Comic!

Final Verdict: If you have ever wanted a comic with pure adrenaline and panel after panel of pure comic art gold then you should be reading HULK…..PERIOD!

Sheldon Lee