Review: Carnage #1

Published on October 25th, 2010

I think I spent all of the 5th and 6th grade playing the Maximum Carnage video game for the Sega Genesis, reading this first issue of the new Carnage mini-series brought back some fond memories. I was always a big fan of Venom and Carnage, but unfortunately Spider-Man 3 kind of ruined Venom for me. When I found out about this new comic starring Carnage I got pretty excited especially since it is being drawn by Clayton Crain who also did the Venom and Carnage book a few years back that introduced another symbiote to the Marvel Universe, Toxin.


This book starts with an armored truck being chased by Spider-Doppelganger (I haven’t even thought about that guy since the last time I played Maximum Carnage) and then cuts to a Medical Supplies Expo that Tony Stark is attending . Tony sees Doppelganger and calls his pal Spider-Man to make sure the creature isn’t really Spider-Man, Tony then asks Peter to meet him to check out what’s going on. Spider-Man swings across town while attempting to eat his morning cereal and meets Iron Man in the middle of New York to try and capture Doppelganger. After a brief explanation of what the Doppelganger is and how the last time Spider-Man fought the creature all the civilians in the area went crazy, an angry mob starts to form.

Iron Man and Spider-Man try to subdue the situation and stop the truck and then these two random guys in wanna-be Iron Man armor show up to calm things down. Unfortunately these guys suck and when they shoot at Doppelganger they also hit a woman who was trying to convince Spider-Man to stop the truck. Doppelganger falls to the ground blown to bits and says his final word, “mother.” The book then cuts to the truck’s destination where we find out that it was Shriek (another character I haven’t thought about since the Sega game) inside the truck. She is brought out on a gurney and brought to a giant bubble that contains the Carnage symbiote.

This was one of the best books I read this week, it easily kicks the crap out of Amazing Spider-Man right now. Plus I always love to see Spider-Man and Iron Man team up. I really enjoyed the writing in this book, I thought that Zeb Wells did a really good job of capturing Peter’s and Tony’s personalities. I loved seeing Spider-Man swing through the city while trying to eat cereal, believe me eating cereal while driving a car is hard enough. The art is fantastic, I remember thinking as a kid that Doppelganger looked more goofy than intimidating, but in this book that thing looked frightening. The only real problem I had with the book is that I couldn’t remember what happened to Cletus Kasady. The last thing I remember was when the Carnage symbiote gave birth to Toxin. So I had to go ahead and check out Wikipedia (thank God for that website) where I got a reminder that The Sentry ripped Carnage apart outside the Earth’s atmosphere in Mighty Avengers #8 and apparently Kasady died during that incident, keep in mind that Wikipedia isn’t always accurate, but for now that’s good enough for me.

I can’t wait for issue two, but I’m going to have to because at the end of the book they say that Carnage will only come out every two months. It’s gonna be a tough wait, but one that will certainly be worth it.

Ken Zeider