POW:September 29th 2010 Captain America #610

Published on October 7th, 2010

So, not only is it time for a new POW, Pick Of the Week, podcast, but it’s time for the first ever LIVE Comic Impact podcast!  Jeez!  Sounds like a vaudeville act!  Do you enjoy having your mind blown and your soul renewed?  Then this is the podcast for you my vaudeville loving friend.

Join Sheldon, Simon and Ian (with special behind the scenes help from Ken) as they set off on a journey of entertainment straight from 24 Hour Comics at Galaxy of Comics in Van Nuys, CA.  Thrill as their pathetic attempts at an exciting contest goes completely to Hell (I guess we should have gone with the foot race).  This time around the guys only have a small hand full of books to talk about thanks to one of the most lackluster weeks in comic book history.

The guys talk about Captain America #610 (Pick of the week) ,Chew 14, Avengers Prime #3 (OF 5),Atlas #5 and Amazing Spider-Man #644

Stay tuned to ComicImpact for video highlights of this event.

Ian Candish


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