POW:October 20th 2010 Steve Rogers Super Soldier #4

Published on October 27th, 2010

What? Is it that time again?! Why yes! It is time for The Comic Impact Pick of the Week Podcast! It was a big week for comics this week, and only a big Podcast can hold such awesomeness! You may have tried the other Comic Podcasts, but only Comic Impact can handle these monumental comics with a professional crew this week consisting of Simon, Sheldon, and Ken. Sorry folks, but Ian was off defending the free world from a menace so powerful you’ll just have to listen to the POW to see what that threat was. What was the pick? Why of course it was Steve Rogers: Super Soldier #4 of 4. A fantastic comic about a young man who is forced to put on a stunt show to save his father’s life. Wait… that was the movie Hot Rod. Sorry about that. No this book is about the former Captain America taking on a new threat to the American way of life. This week the team also take a look at Carnage #1, Daredevil #511, Deadpool #28, Hulk #26, Kick Ass 2 #1, PunisherMax: Tiny Ugly World #1, Batman and Robin #15, and Bruce Wayne – The Road Home: Commissioner Gordon #1. So if you love comic books don’t bother going to school or work today, instead stay home and invite Comic Impact into your home.

Ken Zeider


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