LBCC 2010: ComicImpact Social Networking

Published on October 29th, 2010


So you’re not going to Long Beach Comic Con this weekend? Well guess what? Thanks to the power of the internet and social networking you can keep to date with us.Simon,Ken and  Christina  will be there all weekend but will be joined by the rest of the team throughout the con. If you want to stay update to with what’s going on at Long Beach Comic Con, you may want to check a few of our social networks  such  as Facebook and Twitter. There will be some video for you Comic Impact fans once we get back,  we have some great interviews line up. If you are going to be at Long Beach Comic Con and happen to see one of us, why not stop flirting with that  Hot cosplayer and say hello to us.

So stay tune to ComicImpact for all your Long Beach  Comic Con 2010 highlights  all next week also remember about the Halloween contest costume.

Simon Daoudi