Figure Friday: DC Universe The Question

Published on October 22nd, 2010

Package Description
Vic Sage was the smartest investigative reporter in Hub City, but he could only get so far playing by the rules. So Vic invented an alter ego to prowl Hub City’s back alleys — a faceless enigma known to criminals as “The Question.” His war on crime brought him into conflict with Lady Shiva, the world’s deadliest martial artist. Killed in that battle, he was revived and trained by Kung Fu master Richard Dragon. Since his brush with death, The Question returned to action driven by a new philosophy and a burning need to expose corruption and injustice to the cold light of day


When you first see The Question you might be asking yourself did I just buy a Spirit action figure? The answer to your question is NO. Sure if you are someone who enjoys making custom figures your going to love this figure but if your someone who enjoys a lot of cool details in your figure then you maybe out of luck on this one.The Questions costume does not have a lot of details like other figures in this line such as Cyborg Superman,Shark and Steppenwolf all part of the DC Universe Classic wave 11.

Mattel  however did a great job on the size of the figure. His suit looks like The Question who I have never been a big fan of. His hat and  suit is a lighter blue then the rest of him. I don’t know why but that light blue makes me think of the Spirit once again. The face well is kind of blank which works for the Question or maybe a custom Rorschach figure.



There aren’t any surprises with  this figure. It’s a standard set of joints  for all the DC Universe and each works exactly like it should. Yet there is a few issues I have with the articulation. If ask the Question to do  the splits for example…I am sure he would love to but  he can’t do it because of his overcoat. Same with his leg articulation! It is stuck within the tails of his overcoat.

Final Judgment: 2/10
This is not a great figure and I would not run out to the store and go looking for this figure. If you do want to buy this figure Amazon is selling this figure on there web site. If your going to make a custom Rorschach figure out of the Question feel free to send me photos as I am passing on this figure.

Simon Daoudi