Collecting: Bowen Designs Black Cat

Published on October 23rd, 2010

Black Cat has been making abit of a comeback in the recent pages of Amazing Spider-Man.  With Peter Parker and Mary Jane now broken up, Black Cat took her chance to get back together with Parker.  She’s also been featured in her own solo mini-series with excellent covers by Amanda Connner.

To celebrate this femme fatale, Bowen Designs has released this new Black Cat statue.  It is 5″x5″x12″ with a large, black base.  the statue is sculpted by Tim Miller and shows Black Cat in an alluringly playful pose and expression.

While this statue doesn’t have the most dynamic, popping, action pose, it is still very well sculpted.  She is standing upright, walking forward with a handful of ostensibly stolen diamonds.  The pose isn’t extremely exciting, but it is fun.  What this statue really captures is the expression.  Black Cat is playfully nibbling on one finger with a devious, “Who, me?” smile.  Her hair is also very well sculpted.  It’s very easy to screw up hair in a sculpt and make it look like a big blob on top of someone’s head, but this Black Cat’s hair is very fluid and looks very light and wispy.

The paint on this piece is also very well done.  They use a very high gloss black for Black Cat’s costume which makes it look like it’s made of latex or pleather.  At first glance, one could easily make the mistake of thinking this is one of the Sideshow Collectibles Premium Format Figures that have actual fabric clothing.  The eyes are exceptionally detailed as well.


Overall, the Bowen Designs Black Cat statue is a must have for fans of the character.  I’ve seen other Black Cat statues and while some are a bit more dynamic, few hold a candle to the detail of this piece. It’s just a fun, cheesecake statue.

If you’re looking to pick one up, Amazon is selling it for $175.  Most retailers say that it doesn’t release until October 27, 2010 but if you know the right comic book store to look you should be able to find it.

Ian Candish