24 Hour Comics Day: Video Highlights

Published on October 8th, 2010


On October 2 -3 2010 it was 24 Hour Comics and we did a live show over at Galaxy of Comics and we want to thank the people that came out by giving away stuff. We were more than happy to give away a copy of Superman/Batman: Apocalypse on Blu-Ray, and on top of that we also were happy to give away some tickets to the upcoming Long Beach Comic Con thanks to some help from ComicImpact friend Tone Rodriguez.

Stay tuned to ComicImpact for more giveaways all month long and also on our next Pick of The Week we will tell you how you can win tickets to the Long Beach Comic Con when also we will talk about our 2nd Annual Costume Contest. So enjoy this video highlight of the live ComicImpact POW for the week of September 29th 2010

Simon Daoudi