Sneak Peek: Uncanny X-Force

Published on September 8th, 2010


Sure, I know your going to tell me “I don’t want to get  another book with Deadpool” but come on, it’s Deadpool on X-force killing bad guys. Also who doesn’t enjoy Rick Remender and Jerome Opena working on a book together one more time. I know I am jealous that Ian will have  Pick of Week when this book comes (October 6, 2010) out.  We are working on a few special podcasts for you the ComicImpact fans around the same time.

Now check this bad ass trailer for the upcoming Uncanny X-Force

How cool was that?  Here is Marvel’s description for the trailer:

After Cyclops disbands Wolverine’s black-ops group, Logan assembles a brand new team to face a deadly new threat, courtesy of fan favorite creators Rick Remender, Jerome Opena and Dean White in Uncanny X-Force #1! Now get an exclusive look at the first issue—and the team’s deadly new mission—in this all-new trailer. You can’t miss Uncanny X-Force #1, in stores October 6!

Simon Daoudi