Review: Wolverine #1

Published on September 6th, 2010

Wolverine Origins and Wolverine Weapon X have ended and we are left with a new book simply titled, Wolverine. But you needn’t worry about a lack of Wolverine in comics because we still get to see him in four X-Men series, X-Force, two Avengers books, and any number of mini-series and one-shots. Maybe they’ll bring back the New Fantastic Four and we can see him there too.

wolverineI found Jason Aaron’s Weapon X series to be the most interesting of the Wolverine books, so I for one am really happy that he’ll be writing this new series. If you thought Wolverine being in a mental institution was crazy, this time Wolverine goes to Hell. It starts with Logan visiting his old pal Wraith who has left his life as a mercenary behind to become a pastor. A week or so later Wraith’s sermon is interrupted when one of his church members bursts through the door carrying a woman with wounds that look to have been made by Wolverine. Wraith leaves his church and heads out to the woods armed to the teeth to take out his friend, he is almost immediately brought down by a figure in a cloak who summons all sorts of bugs and snakes to hold him down. The figure goes to Wraith’s church, locks all the church goers inside and sets it on fire. Wraith comes back to save everyone, but the figure grabs him and stabs him multiple times with the familiar “SNIKT” sound effect we all know. As Wraith lies on the ground bleeding the man pulls his hood back to reveal Wolverine’s face.

The story jumps to San Francisco where Wolverine’s current lady friend, Melita is attacked at her place of work by a pretty insane looking bunch of characters (my favorite being the guy with the Mexican wrestler mask, and the chainsaw arm). She’s about to be grabbed by an ape-like man when she pulls a Skrull Sonic Disruptor out of her purse and blasts the guy with it. She takes off running when a woman on a motorcycle crashes through the door and runs over another one of her assailants. The mystery woman takes off her helmet and reveals herself to be Mystique. Melita gets on Mystique’s motorcycle and the two escape. Melita then demands to know where Wolverine is to which Mystique replies, “Do you mean where’s his body? or where’s his soul?” The issue ends with Wolverine actually being in Hell about to be tortured by a giant purple demon.

I love the title: “Wolverine Goes to Hell” it just says it all, with a title like that we know what to expect. I like the cast of characters we’re seeing too, Wraith, Melita, and of course Mystique who we haven’t seen in a while. I was a little disappointed to see Wraith taken down so early in the story, although I thought he was already dead. Maybe things aren’t what they seem? The art is pretty good too Renato Guedes is definitely an improvement over the last issue of the Weapon X series. Overall I thought this was a good set-up story and I am excited to see where this goes, and I think this will live up to Jason Aaron’s previous work.

Ken Zeider