Review: Haunt #9

Published on September 7th, 2010

haunt_9I stopped reading Haunt because the first story arc was not that great. Recently, a lot of people were telling me to give it one more try. Guess what?  I did, and I would like to thank everyone who told me to pick up again. In the last issue that ComicImpact staff member Ken reviewed we found out  that Daniel Kilgore  is now officially agent Haunt. Now in Haunt 9  we also get to see Mirage is directing this  mission from the plane Haunt  jumps out of in the opening pages. That made me think a lot of the opening of Iron Man 2. If you are  looking for non stop action with excessive violence, then get your ass off your chair and go run down to your comic book shop since Haunt 9 has everything you’re looking for.

We get  Daniel Kilgore  going on his first black ops mission, he has to go find missing soldiers in a hot zone. If you’re a fan of espionage story lines you are going to love this issue. Trust  me the way Haunt chops a bad guy in two is just so sexy it will make you go “HOLY SHIT how come I  have not been reading  this book.” Trust me  Greg Capullo’s  artwork will want to  make you touch yourself, how beautiful it is. I would love to own some original pages form this issue. We also get a very funny sex scene with his main nemesis  Cobra and his girlfriend. There is a great cliffhanger, one of the best I have read in comics in a long time.

I know a lot people, like myself, would just look at Haunt and think of a lot of other books that  Todd McFarlane has worked on before such as Spawn or Spider-Man, Venom and it looks all to similar but trust me Haunt 9 is something totally different. Don’t judge this book by it’s cover. It is a fun book and is my favorite this past week. I don’t have the pick of the week here at though, staff member Sheldon does. Make sure to stay tune for this weeks POW podcast, we’ll be talking about the books that have  made an impact in this weeks comics. For me it was Haunt 9 because now I want more and can’t wait to read the next issue.

Simon Daoudi