Review: Deadpool #27

Published on September 20th, 2010

Don’t you hate it when you go to the local convenience store to get a microwave burrito and you can’t get it because the store is suddenly attacked by masked terrorists? If I had a nickel for every time that happened to me… wait that’s never happened to me, but it did happen to Deadpool! And these aren’t any ordinary gun toting bad guys, these guys can regenerate just like our pal Wade. And if that wasn’t enough we also get a guest appearance from Steve Rogers and the Secret Avengers.


Things haven’t been going too well for The Merc With a Mouth recently, he’s been rejected by pretty much every super hero group in the Marvel Universe and most recently got an ass-kicking from Ghost Rider. All he wants is a stinking microwave burrito and the clerk won’t sell it to him just because the only form of currency Deadpool has on him is gold. Then these guys show up and it turns into an all-out war between Deadpool, the Terrorists, and a Middle-Eastern Store-Clerk who claims to not be a terrorist. But when Deadpool finds a room with more guns than a Punisher safe-house under the convenience store it gets kind of difficult for the guy to deny it. So Deadpool does what he’s good at and starts shooting, it gets kind of pointless after a while because no matter what they do to each other the terrorists and Deadpool just heal.

After a while the whole thing becomes a stalemate, but then Steve Rogers, Black Widow, and Moon Knight from The Secret Avengers show up and they decide to to K.O. everybody, including Deadpool. Then the store clerk blasts through a door in some pretty bad-ass armor, the only problem is the guy didn’t think to put on a helmet so when Deadpool regains consciousness he simply blasts the guy through the back of the head. Then Deadpool gets the offer of a lifetime when Steve offers Deadpool a job to come work for him.

I love this book, and I hope Daniel Way never stops writing it. Everything about this book is great, the action, the humor, the artwork. I have no complaints about this series, and this issue was especially entertaining. Seeing Deadpool go all out against these guys that can’t be killed was awesome, especially when he shoved a grenade into a guy’s mouth. Although I wish they hadn’t put the picture of Steve on the cover to make his appearance a surprise. I really enjoyed seeing Deadpool fall to hero worship when Steve showed up, and his response to Steve’s offer was pretty damn funny. Personally I would love to see Deadpool join the Secret Avengers, but I think with Moon Knight on that team already, they have more than enough crazy in their ranks. Although I’m hoping next issue Deadpool gets to meet the rest of The Secret Avengers, I think Deadpool teaming up with the new Ant-Man or Valkyrie could lead to some pretty funny stuff.

Ken Zeider