Review: Batgirl #14

Published on September 14th, 2010

Ok before you go out and judge me, let me just say I was going to buy this book before I saw the cover. This is maybe the best cover of the year, or hell, maybe one of the best covers of the last 10 years! I would love a print of it!

I have been enjoying Bryan Q Miller’s run on Batgirl since the relaunch. Sure I know what you’re thinking, “oh great, another comic book with more vampires”… This is not some preteen love story with a vampire in it, this is just a good time. Sometimes that’s all we want from our comics right?


Have you been stuck at home on Friday night? You’re not the only one this time around, as Stephanie ‘Batgirl’ Brown is stuck at home because there is no bat-signal lighting up the night sky, so she is going to play scrabble with her mom. That is until Supergirl stops by and they go out to visit the campus of Gotham University. That’s how our story starts off. Sounds like fun right?

At the same time that they’re visiting Gotham U., a grad student makes 24 solid holograms of Dracula. From looking at the cover you can’t tell but there are a few panels where Dracula looks a bit like Bela Lugosi, my favorite Dracula of all time. Extra points if you know why the number 24 was used and not something like 25. Keep reading this review to find out.

So who is going to stop these 24 vampires walking the streets of Gotham? The dynamic duo of Batgirl and Supergirl of course! This is where Bryan Q Miller shows his love for Scooby-Doo. The next few pages make me think of a Scooby-Doo montage, as we see the girls stop each one of the vampires. My favorite by far is  the one where they are getting their picture taken with one of the Draculas in the mall photo-booth. This is a much more fun storyline for a girls night out than ‘The Brave and Bold # 33′ which was my Pick Of The Week for the week of April 20th this year.

The comic ends with Supergirl going back to Metropolis and Batgirl talking to her mom about her night out.

This issue is full of some great, clever humor that makes me go back to the days as a kid just buying comics for the fun of it. The next issue starts the road home from Bruce Wayne in Batgirl so I think it’s good that we had a fun issue before what looks like a storyline that is going to make an impact in the DC universe very soon.

Overall I’d say go out by this book and then share it with your friends. Show them what a fun comic feels like. Who knows, maybe then they will be come fans of comics too. I always enjoy finding storylines that I can get the man on the street to read because I would love to see them become fans of this great, crazy world of comics.

This issue of Batgirl was close of being  my Pick Of The Week. But to find out what my pick I guess you’ll just have to wait for the new episode of the Comic Impact POW Podcast.

The cover artist is Stanely “Artgerm” Lau and this is not his first cover for the Batgirl books, so for more on his sexy artwork check his deviantart art page. Anyone want to guess what the background of my phone is right now? The answer as to why 24 Draculas are running around Gotham is because 35 mm movie cameras use a standard exposure rate of 24 frames per second.

Simon Daoudi