Review: Avengers #5

Published on September 28th, 2010

Another week has gone by which means another Avengers title! I feel like I should just que a review up the moment I get through reading an issue of Avengers as it is such a great book with so many interesting characters and plot lines. But will issue 5 written by Brian Micheal Bendis and drawn by John Romita Jr. be more of the same or a turn for the worst? Keep reading to find out!


First of all I won’t even begin to try to explain this crazy cross universe alternate timeline that is going on in this book right now as it is likely to take up most of your afternoon. The plain and simple of it is our Avengers came to a future that has a lot of crazy timelines mixed together and it keeps resetting and repeating. The plain and simple of it is our Avengers came to a future that has a lot of crazy timelines mixed together and it keeps resetting and repeating. See what I did there;)Ok that really wasn’t that complicated… moving on essentially all of this was caused because of Kang and something that has yet to happen called The Ultron War which our Avengers now have to go back and fix. We find out that the thing that Old Tony was trying to rip off his younger self (Our Tony) in issue 4 was his actual suit. Old Tony basically explains he did this as a precaution because his armor was a doorway for Ultron.We also get to see something akin to the biggest cock tease ever in a comic book. In a giant splash page we see a drawn timeline by old Tony of events that happened in the most recent past and events that have yet to happen.

I know Simon had this as his back ground on his computer and I have studied it extensively.There are so many small hints as to what is going to happen in the Marvel Universe that it is almost impossible to figure them out…unless you are Bendis and know where are these little hints are going to take us. I read an interview actually that said a lot of those events are a little out of order but they are all going to happen in the next 2 years.Aside from all that craziness we find out that Noh-Varr is the the one unknown variable as old Tony does not recognize him from his timeline and thus surmises that he must be the one variable that can change things.So as the timeline begins to reset it self to start all over again Our Avengers are told they have to go to a time in the Ultron War to stop this before it continues to stick them in the Groundhog Day like cycle.The book basically ends with our Tony telling Ultron “We need a favor” and then a very pretty shot of Ultron at the height of the Ultron War standing there saying “That is interesting”.This book has not let me down a single issue. Bendis continues to write with great complexities and John Romita Jr is just knocking the art work clean out of the park.If this book continues down this path it is will easily continue being one of Marvels best books and an easy in for any new comer to comics done The Marvel Way!

Final Verdict:If you have ever wondered why Stan Lee called fans of Marvel Comics “True Believers” you better believe it is because they picked up a book like this and it set them off as fans for life! Get in your time machine and put Avengers on your pull list so your future self can thank you.

Sheldon Lee