POW:September 22nd 2010 Hulk #25

Published on September 29th, 2010

You can all relax, I know you were getting desperate, but Wednesday has finally arrived and now we can all sit down with our families and enjoy the new Pick of the Week Podcast! It’s better than Thanksgiving, at least better than Thanksgiving with my family, you know how that can be. You’re told everybody’s supposed to meet at Uncle Jack’s house and you drive thirteen hours to get there and once you do get there that’s when you get the phone message that dinner is back at mom’s house. Happens to me every year. It’s funny cuz I don’t even have an Uncle Jack.

This week’s podcast is a special one! Sheldon had the pick this week and he picked a pretty darn good book, Hulk #25. Sheldon is joined as always by Simon, along with Ian and Ken to fill out the ranks. Are you excited? I sure am! And if that wasn’t enough the Comic Impact team actually discusses a Spider-Man book that doesn’t suck! In addition to that the guys talk about Astonishing X-Men: Xenogenesis #3, Flash #5, Avengers #5, Secret Avengers #5, Fantastic Four #583, Thor #615, and Shadowland: Moon Knight #2. That’s a lot to fit in to one Podcast, and that’s not all! The Team is also joined by some very special guests, and if you wanna know who they are you better go listen to it! DO IT! NOW! I ain’t got all day!

Ken Zeider


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