New This Week: September 15th 2010

Published on September 13th, 2010


Wow last week was a bit nuts eh? Comics coming out on Thursday and not Wednesday because of Labor Day, we’re back to a normal schedule. So it is time for a new episode of “New This Week.” What is  New This Week? Good thing you asked because I would love to tell you. Every week we will post a short video about the books that are coming out this week that we are excited for or just curious about. You might end up hearing about them on the POW (Pick of the Week) or read about them in a review on the site.

So join Ian this week,  September 15th 2010, to find out what he is excited about. Also why not subscribe to the ComicImpact podcast via iTunes or why not check out the ComicImpact YouTube channel and join us on Facebook.

Simon Daoudi