Figure Friday: Black Lantern Deadman

Published on September 3rd, 2010

Package Description:

The ghost hero Deadman is tormented by the voices of the dead being manipulated by the Black Lanterns. Joining forces with the new Batman and Robin to combat the undead onslaught on  Gotham City. Deadman is forced to confront his mortal remains as the body of Boston Brand acquires a Black Power Ring.


Aww, do you remember Blackest Night and remember how cool Deadman was as a Black Lantern? Now DC Direct has giving us a Black Lantern Deadman. DC Direct has given us a great sculpture for a Black Lantern and given the feel that Deadman is spawning from the ground beneath his feet. Yet his boney, skinny frame makes him look a bit sick and this works perfectly the Deadman character.

I would love to meet the toy designer who designed his face because it is the best sculpting for a Black Lantern figure I have seen so far, and I also love that you can see his exposed chest. This is what a Black Lantern needs to feel like when you see him. If there were little kids running around in the comic shop looking for their Pokemon cards, this figure would scare the shit out of them and make them run out of the store crying.

This sculpture give me SEX-WEE.  It’s just so dark and sexy and at the same time so morbid. I know but don’t judge me. It really gives the feel that I am looking at part of the undead. Also, DC Direct did a great job with the paint on his outfit  and the black with a bit of grey to give him that dirty look.


DC Direct can we please talk for a bit? Why can’t you make any of your figures with good articulation. You made this beautiful gothic looking figure that makes all the ‘cool kids’ at Hot Topic wait in line to buy one, but yet all you give us is an Ok ball-joint for his head that gives him good range. I think you hate articulation don’t you DC Direct ? You can email me and tell me, it’s ok, I will still buy your figures.

So there you go, no articulation and only a ball-joint for his head. Kind of sad really but one good thing about this figure is he comes with a pull that you can attach him too, to make him look like he is flying in the air.


Final Judgment: 4/10

He got the four because of the way he is designed and also the pull that makes him fly in the air. Over all if you’re looking for a great deadman figure then and read my review of the DC Universe figure I did back in May of this year. Sure it’s not a Black Lantern figure but it is sill an awesome-o figure to have. Next week we are going to look at the last San Diego 2010 exclusive, the Spider-Man movie figure from the people over at Hasbro.

Simon Daoudi