Collecting: DC Dynamics Batman

Published on September 11th, 2010

So Bruce Wayne shall soon be returning to the mainstream DC Universe timeline after bouncing around history a la Captain America (thanks Grant Morrison).  Hooray!  So, to celebrate let’s take a look at a recently released statue of the Dark Knight.

The DC Dynamics Batman Statue was released in 2010.  It was sculpted by Tim Bruckner and is approximately 11″ tall x 7″ wide and 5″ deep.  The DC Dynamics series is a group of statues put out by DC Direct that depicts “dynamic interpretations of classic superheroes” according to their website.

This statue truly lives up to the name “dynamic.”  It features Batman coming up through a cloud of smoke with his cape billowing in the wind and wrapping around him.  The sculpt is painstakingly detailed from the face and cowl to the muscles on his arms and chest.  The cape is especially dynamic as it wraps around Batman’s body and flows outwards at the same time.  The cowl features a stylized, furrowed brow and it really widens out on the back to give Batman a very thick neck.  The design in general reminds me very much of Simone Bianchi’s art style from some of the Batman covers he did a few years ago.  The base is a billowing plume of smoke which is really cool to look at.  Towards the center and bottom of the plume it is a semi transparent yellow/orange while the smoke tendrils toward the top and extending from the base, wrapping around Batman are darker, a bit purple.  This all makes the plume look like there is a light source (perhaps an explosion) from whatever is generating the smoke at the bottom which dissipates toward the top.


My only complaints are a lack of highlighting or shading paint.  The only real highlights in the statue, aside from the multicolor smoke, is some semi gloss blue paint applied to certain areas of the cape.  Also, the sculpt of Batman’s rib cage around his upper abdominal muscles looks a bit unnatural to me.  Nothing I can really put my finger on, just something…off.

DC Direct lists this statue at $195.00 but Amazon is selling it for $149.99.  Even the discounted price seems a bit steep for a small bust.  Yes, it is 11″ tall in total, but about half of that is the smoke.  For only about $60 more you could get the Sideshow Ms. Marvel Premium Format Figure which is a full body statue, is almost 20″ tall and comes with an actual fabric costume.  On a completely unrelated topic, I would kill for the Sideshow Ms. Marvel Premium Format Figure.

Overall, this statue is really something to look at, but might not be totally worth the sticker price.  Special thanks to Galaxy of Comics in Van Nuys, CA for letting us feature theirs.

Ian Candish