Collecting: CS Moore Invincible

Published on September 4th, 2010

If you listen to the Pick Of The Week Podcast here at Comic Impact (and you REALLY should be) you probably heard us gushing on about our love for Robert Kirkman this week.  So, in keeping with that man crush this week’s statue is the CS Moore Studio Invincible Statue.

This statue is sculpted by Clayburn Moore and is hand painted.  The statue stands at 15″ tall and features Invincible appearing to hover in midair.  The base look like the top of a building, kind of art deco, and is arched back but tapered at the top where it connects to Invincible’s feet to help trick the eye into thinking he’s flying.

The Invincible statue is very well sculpted.  If you look closely the whole body looks like a medical text picture of a muscle chart.  Every muscle group on every side of the statue is sculpted in intricate detail.  Many statues deal with the difficult nature of hands and fingers (some of the most difficult things to draw and/or sculpt) by relying on the trusty, old, easy to replicate, fist.  But, while this statue features a balled up fist in the right hand, the left hand is open, with the arm slightly extended outwards and the fingers separated.  As I’ve already said, hands and fingers are easy to mess up.  Fingers can become sausages pretty quick, but Invincible’s hands and fingers are very detailed, with nails on each one and a dark brownish color used as shading.

csmooreinvincible1 csmooreinvincible2

The paint job in general is really pretty incredible.  The lenses in particular have an amazing amount of detail attributed to them.  They use a very glossy shade of pale, and darker pale blue to really make Invincible’s lenses look like they’re made of glass or plastic.  A darker shade of yellow is also used along the yellow areas of his costume shading along his muscles and the creases in the suit.

CS Moore’s website sells this statue for $159.00 but they also have a sale price of 10% off bringing it to $143.00.  It’s a great deal for such a great statue. If money’s not a big issue for you, CS Moore also offers a bronze version of this statue which is limited to 30 pieces for a measly $2,900.00 with an upfront deposit of $1,450.00!  Even if you can’t afford it, go check it out.  It’s pretty damn sweet.

The regular version is pretty damn nice though.  When I bought mine the guy selling it took a look at it and said, “Damn, if Superman were badass this is what he’d look like.”

Ian Candish