Collecting: Electric Tiki Hellboy

Published on September 18th, 2010

One of the plain and simple truths of life is as follows: if you don’t like Hellboy, you’re wrong.  Probably the most successful property under the Dark Horse umbrella, Hellboy has spawned 2 theatrical films, 2 straight to DVD animated films and a museum’s worth of merch.  People just can’t seem to get enough of this big, red, monkey from Hell.  So let’s take a look at one of the most awesome of all that swag.

electrictikihellboyElectric Tiki’s Hellboy statue is truly a marvel of sculpting.  It stands 12″ high by 9″ wide and 7″ deep.  It was sculpted after a sketch by Hellboy creator Mike Mignola by Ruben Procopio uner the supervision of Electric Tiki’s Tracy Mark Lee.  Limited to only 1,000, each statue is hand painted and comes with a hand numbered certificate of authenticity (like someone could fake this monstrosity).

This is really one of the better statues I’ve ever seen.  The folks over at Electric Tiki really know what they’re doing.  This statue truly looks like a Mike Mignola drawing of Hellboy, from the tiny nose and heavy brow, the the enormous “right hand of doom.”  It even has all the little detail scratches that Mignola puts all over his characters.  In Hellboy’s left hand is the Samaritan, his larger than life revolver, with his finger on the trigger and actual keys dangling from the grip (Ken’s going to be pissed at me for not remembering the significance of the keys.”  On Hellboy’s belt is a large holster for the Samaritan as well as a few other pouches and an actual, miniature rosary dangling from the belt.  The back of the statue shows Hellboy’s tail curled up and sticking out from his coat which is very dramatically sculpted.  I could go on for days just about the sculpt of this piece.

The painting on Hellboy is also incredible.  Hellboy’s skin is a very dark, scarlet but there is a darker, almost black, shade used as a shading throughout the piece.  It’s used very sparingly and only really perceptible if you look very closely.  His jacket, while overall tan, uses a darker grayish/brown as a shading color is all the creases and folds of the coat.

Since there’s a very limited number of these statues and it was released in 2006, they’re not easy to come by.  At the time of this posting, Amazon has one for sale for $129 and Collector’s Getaway is also selling it for $129.99 which is a fantastic price for such an amazing statue, especially with a retail price of $179.99.  Electric Tiki’s website isn’t very helpful on actually ordering their statues but they’ve got a lot of really cool stuff that you should check out.

Overall, as I already stated, this is one of the best statues I’ve ever seen.  If you’re a Hellboy fan and you get an opportunity to pick one of these up you are doing your self a supreme disservice by passing that opportunity up.  Special thanks to Comic Impact writer Ken for letting me photograph his statue.  It’s funny, he thinks I’m going to give it back.  Ha, he’s wrong.

Ian Candish