24 Hour Comic with ComicImpact.com

Published on September 27th, 2010

goc_24hour_comicDo you enjoy comics? I know you do because you’re on a comic book site. So have you ever had the dream of making your very own comic? Or staying up 24 hours in a row at Comic Book shop? Or be there as the ComicImpact team is recording a POW (Pick of the week) Podcast? Well then you’re going to love this blog.

Next Saturday, October 2nd starting at 8 AM and ending at 8 AM Sunday, October 3rd, you’ll get the opportunity! Galaxy of Comics in Van Nuys, Ca will be participating in the Annual 24 Hour Comics Day, so grab some Blue Line paper and start thinking about your comic!!!

Why do it? Because it’s a challenge! Ok… and also because there will be FREE Rockstar for all who participate. We’ll also be providing FREE PIZZA (again for all who participate) throughout the night and did I mention that the ENTIRE STORE will be 24% OFF the ENTIRE DAY? Actually, that’s not completely true. Between 1 AM and 5 AM, the ENTIRE STORE will be 48% OFF!!! So, even if you’re not an artist, come take advantage of the HUGE SALE!

Here is the best part of this, ComicImpact will be doing a live Podcast around 8:00pm on Saturday, October 2nd, that you can be part of. Also we have some great give aways for you, the fans, a copy of Iron Man 2 DVD, Superman/Batman Apocalypse on Blu-Ray and the best one, free tickets to the upcoming Long Beach Comic Con.

Keep checking the site out for more information about  how you can watch us live. If you are in Los Angeles, GET OFF YOUR FAT ASS and join us for a great night of fun.

Galaxy of Comics is located at 17306 Saticoy St in Van Nuys.

Simon Daoudi