Sneak Peek: Ultimate Spider-Man #150

Published on August 17th, 2010

How good was your math when your were in school? I got mostly B’s in my math class but it looks like Marvel has been creative with their math. For the past few years Marvel has been renumbering books after they re-launch a book, such as they did with Thor after J. Michael Straczynski left the book and with Ed Brubaker’s Captain America. Now it looks they’re doing it with ‘Ultimate Comics Spider-Man’. Here is the math for everyone wondering how they added up to #150.

Ultimate Spider-Man ran for 133 issues right? So we got 133 and then we have Ultimate Comics Spider-Man which publishes its 15th issue in October. Let’s add 15 to 133 and that gives us 148. There were two Annual books so add those to the mix and you get a total number of 150.


Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #150 is written by Brian Michael Bendis, with art by David Lafuente, Skottie Young, Sara Pichelli, Jamie McKelvie and many more. Now, I don’t care if it is number #14500, as long as Bendis can keep up the great job he is doing on this book. Since Ultimate Comics Spider-Man is the best Spider-Man book on the self right now in my opinion, I am fine with the new numbering.

Simon Daoudi