SDCC 2010: Con Sketches

Published on August 6th, 2010


Every comic book convention offers a million and one things for one to occupy themselves.  You can browse classic books, look for really cool statues, get pictures with cosplayers  or just shop around for what looks cool.  But, some of the best memories you can find at comic con will come from getting sketches at your convention’s artist alley.

For those who don’t know, artist alley is the area at any given convention where many comic book artist have tables set up so that they can sell convention sketches.  Many will also sell prints of their work as well that you can get signed.

Every artist runs their table differently.  Many artists will give you a free sketch if it’s something quick and simple.  For more elaborate sketches or commissions prices can range from as little as $10 or $20 to as much as $60.  Some will even go as high as $100 or more, but generally the more you pay, the more you get.

This was the first year I took an interest in getting sketches.  I got my very first one at my local shop when Joe Benitez stopped by one day.  I got a sketch of the Flash from him and I immediately fell in love with sketches.  So the first thing I bought at SDCC 2010 was a large sketchbook for $20 and made my way directly to artist alley.  I had a few artists on my list like Ryan Ottley, Francis Manapul and Mark Brooks but for the most part I was just looking around to see what I could see.

So without further ado, here’s the amazing pieces of art that we at Comic Impact got from some of the most talented artists in comics today.  Enjoy! A gigantic thanks to the amazing artists that gave us the incredible pieces of art displayed above.

Ian’s Comic Con Sketches


Edgar Delgado: Spider-Man, pencil & Sharpie

agnesgarbowska_ian francismanapul_theflash

Agnes Garbowska: Batgirl, watercolor and Francis Manapul: The Flash, watercolor


Mike McKone: Ms. Marvel, Sharpie

Christina’s Comic Con Sketches


Pat Bussey: Monster, pencil & Sharpie

rafaelalbuquerque_chris francismanapul_chris

Rafael Albuquerque: Pearl(American Vampire) Sharpie and Francis Manapul: The Flash, watercolor


Dean Trippe:Batgirl,pencil and acrylic paint

Simon’s Comic Con Sketches


Jeff Lemire:Gus (Sweet Tooth), Sharpie

davegibbons_rorschach_simon1 rafaelalbuquerque_simon

Dave Gibbons:Rorschach(Watchmen),Marker and Rafael Albuquerque: Pearl(American Vampire) Sharpie


Rob Guillory:Tony Chu(Chew),pencil & Sharpie

ryan_ottley_xmen_cover davidvonner_avengers_cover1

Ryan Ottley:Invincible(X-men cover) pencil and David Vonner:Captain America(Avengers) Pen


Sean Phillips:Criminal,Sharpie

axelmedellinmachain gabrielbautista

Axel Medellin Machain:Obadiah Horn & Sahara (Elephantmen),pencil & Sharpie and Gabriel Bautista:Ebony Hide(Elephantmen),pencil & Sharpie.



Pat Bussey: Monster, pencil & Sharpie

fabiomoon_simon gabrielba_simon

Fábio Moon: Daytripper,paint and Gabriel Bá:Casanova,Sharpie


Robert Roach:Skrull, pencil & Sharpie


Dean Trippe:Eleventh Doctor( Doctor Who),pencil and acrylic paint

Next on my list for Long Beach Comic Con 2010:  Atom Eve by Amanda Conner!  Can’t wait!

Ian Candish