Review: Wolverine Weapon X #16

Published on August 23rd, 2010

I absolutely hate it when comic book characters die, especially when it’s one of my favorite characters. I’ve been a fan of Nightcrawler since I was a kid and saw the Pryde of the X-Men video, and when I read X-Men Second Coming and saw him die I was pissed. I think the worst part of Nightcrawler being killed was that it happened in the middle of the story arc. Suddenly Kurt is dead, they take a few minutes to give him a quick funeral, and then it’s back to the fight for the survival of the mutant race. I felt that the character deserved more, and apparently Jason Aaron thought so too because he decided to write one last farewell to Wolverine’s blue pal.

wolverineweaponx16The book starts with Wolverine standing on the shores of Utopia taking some time to think about his lost friend. Then Angel (or is it Archangel now? I’ve lost track) shows up and tells Logan that Nightcrawler had a final request for Logan in his will. It turns out that Kurt’s final wish was to donate a $20,000 Grand Piano to the Church of Holy Ascension. Here’s the catch, Logan has to deliver the piano and the church is on the top of a mountain in Venezuela where it would be impossible to take a truck or plane. So Wolverine has to haul this giant piano up a mountain by himself. At first it’s not so bad, Wolverine has the piano on hover mounts, then it starts to rain and the mounts short out. So he spends the rest of the time dragging the piano up the mountain with no help whatsoever.

The comic is dispersed with Logan having flashbacks with Nightcrawler and their numerous arguments of faith. The first flashback is one of the first times The All New All Different X-Men had a training session in the Danger Room. Wolverine’s initial feelings towards Nightcrawler weren’t very good. Logan felt that Kurt was no good in a fight and that there was no way a “Magic Man in the Sky” would be able to save him from getting a chunk of metal embedded in his face. Meanwhile the farther Wolverine gets the harder it is to move the piano, at one point Logan is climbing up the side of the mountain with the piano tied to his back. After a couple more flashbacks involving Kurt and his faith Wolverine finishes his grueling trip. He finds a Priest and tells him about Nightcrawler’s generous gift. The priest is thankful, but unfortunately nobody at the church knows how to play the piano. Before Logan leaves the church the priest gives him a gift. Wolverine opens it and it’s the same chunk of metal from the Danger Room that he showed to Nightcrawler when he told him God wouldn’t be there to save him. Logan looks to the Sun and says, “Okay Elf, you win.”

When you’ve been reading a comic for over fifteen years you become pretty attached to the characters, now I didn’t spend days locked in the garage holding my Nightcrawler action figure crying in a fit of grief (I swear to God I didn’t!), but it certainly put a damper on my day. I really liked this issue, I’ve always been a fan of Wolverine and Nightcrawler’s relationship and this story gave Wolverine a chance to grieve for his loss. It really showed how Kurt’s biggest mission in life was to help others, not just by fighting super-villains but being there for his friends. Once again my only gripe with the book is the art, nobody has any eyes! The first page shows Wolverine and it is just empty black where his eyes should be, and when Angel shows up on the next page it’s just white. It’s creepy, they’re like a doll’s eyes. Bottom line is if you’re a fan of Nightcrawler pick up this book because you’re not gonna be seeing him anytime soon. Until they bring him back to life in probably about a year, three years tops.

Ken Zeider