Review: Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #13

Published on August 17th, 2010

For sometime now I have been saying that ‘Ultimate Spider-Man’ by Brian Michael Bendis and David Lafuente is the best Spider-Man book out there, and this week’s issue shows you why. In the first few pages we see the Chameleon running around making everyone in New York city think that he is the real Spider-Man. Lafuente’s art is just so beautiful, but I will get back to Lafuente in a bit.

ultimatespider-man13A few pages on we see Peter with J. Jonah Jameson in a warehouse that looks like something out of Fight Club. There are trying find out how they got there. At same time Jameson finds out that Spider-Man is Peter Parker. This is not a great why for Peter to wake up.

Jonah kept telling Peter “I know who you are”. I just love how Peter reacts to tell him to him by telling him to “Shut up”.

What Bendis does so well is making you feel like this is trouble for Peter and Jonah when the the Chameleon is out there running around giving Spider-Man a bad name to the press, since he is killing Spidey’s reputation as a good guy. There is one page where I love seeing the Chameleon as Spider-Man jumping out of a window. I would love to buy this page and put it up around my Mac. It is maybe one of my favorite pages I’ve seen all year long.

If it is true that Lafuente is leaving this is going be a sad for me. As he has become one of my favorite Spidey artists (my top two are Tim Sale and Tod Mcfarlane). As the Chameleon is on the run he uses his  phone to call Lady Chameleon, and talk to her how this the best robbery he has done in a long time. At the same time she asking him what does she need to do with Peter and J. Jonah Jameson.

Ok I am sorry but you’re running from the NYPD, do you really take a break and call someone on your cell phone? I know he is the Chameleon but he is on the phone with her. He still looks like Spider-Man. I am sorry but that just gets me mad.

We see Lady Chameleon coming in the room and let me tell you something she is looking damn  fine. I would love to see her post for the Suicide Girls. If you read this issue, you’ll know why. Oh ok sorry, now back to the review. As she is talking she is making her face look like Peter and Jameson. We also find out that this the Chameleon’s sister so it looks like this shape changing runs in the family. As she talking, both of them see her take on the face of Jameson as she shoots him right in the head.

Did she kill Jameson for good? Is this how he goes out in the Ultimate universe? The last few pages we see Aunt May and the rest of Peter’s friends watching the news knowing that that is not Spider-Man and that it’s someone who is trying to make Spider-Man look bad.

Now it looks like in the next issue we are going to get Spidey and his amazing friends take on this family of Chameleons and I can’t wait! This is what a Spider-Man book needs to feel like and if you have not read the first trade of the new Ultimate Comics Spider-Man then what are you waiting for? This a must read for people who enjoy a good time.

I know I don’t have the Pick of the Week for this past week of August 11th but if I did, this would have been my pick. Stay tuned to Comic Impact to find out what was the Pick of the Week for the week of August 11th.

Simon Daoudi