Review: Incredible Hulk #611

Published on August 16th, 2010

To be honest I have never been the biggest fan of The Hulk. Prior to World War Hulk my only knowledge of Hulk came from the old TV show with Lou Ferrigno, and the more recent movies. I gotta say though in the last three years or so I have really warmed up to the Hulk, or rather Bruce Banner. When Bruce lost the ability to change into the Hulk I got hooked on this series. I’ve really enjoyed seeing Dr. Banner use his scientific genius to take down his enemies instead of changing into a monster and beating the snot out of them, but with issue 611 The Hulk’s vacation is over.

hulk611The Intelligencia’s plan has been stopped, but to stop them Bruce had to absorb gamma radiation and has once again transformed into his mean and green alter ego.  It’s not a friendly Hulk either (If such a thing could exist), this is the same Hulk who is filled with the grief and rage of losing his wife. The only thing that can possibly stop him now is his son Skaar, who has been trained for the last several months by Banner to kill the Hulk. The fight between Skaar and his father is relentless, Hulk is as powerful as he’s ever been, and this is the fight that Skaar has been waiting for his entire life. Skaar has his father’s strength, but he also has the same power over the planet that his mother had. At one point Skaar taps into the tectonic plates and he is briefly able get the upper hand on his father. Hulk is the strongest there is though and he shoves Skaar aside in an attempt to stop the fight. Skaar doesn’t want the fight to end and tells the Hulk that he fed the Planet Sakaar, which contained the soul of the Hulk’s dead wife, to Galactus. This enrages Hulk, and he goes right back into the fight and punches Skaar into the Earth’s atmosphere. After Skaar lands in the ocean he and Hulk fight some more, but this time Skaar really gets the upper hand by using the Earth to repeatedly pound into the Hulk’s body.

But before Skaar can kill Hulk, The Red She-Hulk intervenes and gives the Hulk a chance to escape. Skaar then punches Red She-Hulk into a nearby building, the shock is enough to destroy the building with a whole mess of innocent people inside. Hulk causes a tidle wave of beach sand to stabilize the area and save the people. Just when Skaar is coming to the realization that he was about to kill a bunch of people, Hulk launches back in and beats the Holy Hell into his son until he reverts back to his child-like state. Banner takes back control after realizing that he beat his own child just like his father beat him when he was young. Bruce gives an emotional apology to his son and the two hug ending the issue.

As much as I liked seeing Bruce Banner shine on his own, the Green Hulk had to come back, and this was a worthy return to one of Marvel’s most recognizable characters. This issue was packed with great action, and I thought it was very well written. I enjoyed seeing the parallels of Bruce’s abusive relationship with his own father, while he’s been using his own son as a weapon. And I have really enjoyed Paul Pelletier’s artwork in this series, it’s one of the few times when I actually prefer the interior art to the cover art.  The guy really has a talent for conveying the character’s emotions and when you have a book like The Incredible Hulk the emotion of a character is the most important thing. World War Hulks has been a really entertaining storyline and I can’t wait for the conclusion next week with Hulk # 24 followed by the new storyline Dark Son.

Ken Zeider