Review: Green Arrow #3

Published on August 31st, 2010

Stop the press! Green Arrow is dead! Well just from looking at the cover I’d say so. But now on with the review of Green Arrow #3. Also, does anyone still say “stop the press”?

greenarrow3Last time we saw Oliver Queen he had just been shot in the head by an arrow which left him for dead. Who was the unknown assassin who was trying to kill him? I was thinking the issue would of open with his sidekick Roy Harper, aka Arsenal (Red Arrow) taking down his Oliver as payback for the stuff that went down in the ‘Rise and Fall of Arsenal’ storyline.Yet what J.T Krul gives us here is a look inside the mind of Oliver Queen, and he asking the same question we all asking ourselves.

There are a lot of great flashback moments here with which we learn a lot about the young Oliver Queen. I love it when we get flashbacks of hero’s younger days. Here we get that with Oliver as we find out more about his father. I am not sure if they ever went back-talking about him before as I was never a big fan of Green Arrow until this run. J.T. Krul has made me a fan of this character.

We also get a lot  more about the new woman in Star City. I still dread to find out who she is. Talking about people I would like to know who they are, Green Arrow is saved by someone named Galahad (Yes, like the knight who use to kick it with King Arthur at the Round Table). There is a great joke about that too in here. Galahad takes him into the river and saves his life, whilst at the same time we see a White Lantern logo. Do you recall last time I reviewed Green Arrow when I talked about how I was thinking this was going to link to Brightest Day because of the Brightest Day posters they have been putting in all the DC comics the past 2 months. Well guess, what it looks like now is that I am going to have to pick up Brightest Day #9 this week, as Green Arrow is on the cover!

I love how J.T is taking us on a trip with Oliver Queen to find out what’s happening to him and the forest. Is this where the White Power Battery is? Is the forest just like an island and has J.T been watching Lost all over again? So if you’re looking for one of the best DC books out there right now, I’d say pickup Green Arrow, because for me, Green Arrow, Flash, DC Universe: Legacies and Batman and Robin are the best DC Comics around.

So head over to your local comic shop and pick up Green Arrow issues 1-3, and then send me a ‘thank you’ email because I am sure you will enjoy this book just as I am.

Simon Daoudi