Review: Doomwar #6

Published on August 10th, 2010

Doom might have done it this time. He has put the X-Men,The Fantastic Four,The Black Panther,War Machine,Deadpool & The Country of Wakanda up against the wall along with all of that nations most precious of resources Vibranium. At every move some of the smartest minds in the Marvel Universe have been usurped by Doom and his bevy of bases and bots! At this point in the game he has all the power, all the vibranium and it would seem all our heroes at the mercy of Victor Von Doom. Does he have what it takes to finish the job? Keep reading in this my review of DOOMWAR issue #6 of 6 written by Jonathan Maberry and art by Scott Eaton.

If you haven’t been following the story so far and you want to spoil everything read on my friend read on!However if you have been reading along with me faithful reader then continue with one humble person opinion of  what I thought has been a strong, strong story filled with some great art work! The last time we left (that would be issue 5 if your counting Simon.) we saw our heroes on what seemed todoomwar6 be their wits end literally throwing any and everything they could at Doom (including Deadpool, the wild card.) Doom has the upper hand make no mistake. Not only has he liberated all the Vibranium in Wakanda but he has scattered it around to all his safe houses and is currently plummeting the only people who it seems could stop this mad man. Then to make matters worse he has finished his new Doom Armor and is itching to take it on a test run. At this point it is clear to both the reader and the smartest minds in the Marvel Universe that something needs to be done.Politically however this is becoming a very shaky situation.Doom was clever enough to make Wakandas political break down in no way link to him, now though Wankanda is beating down on Latveria’s doorstep to come take down Doom.So this is the question how do you take down a ruler and not seem like you are declaring war on another country? Well T’challa’s plan was to use a little diplomacy. Do you think it worked?Nope me neither.Doom proceeds to attack along with his personal army and because now he controls the physical element of Vibranium in any and all things that is made from it with his suit he proceeds to aggressively attack everything in the world.Keep in mind Doom feels he is doing all this so that he can control everything in the world and thus be it’s one true protector from any one and anything that might harm it.This story so far  is very well built up by Maberry and drawn EXTREMLY well by Eaton.Everything is coming to a head quickly.I will stop there however. I don’t want to give you the ending..I do want you to read it and let you judge for yourself as to how it ends as I have preconceived ideas as to where this story should have gone and I feel a little upset that it hasn’t.

After all is said and done the status quo has been changed up a bit with this story. Events did in fact occur that changed (much like I am sure the Shadowland story line will) the way things will be handled by certain groups and people within the Marvel Universe. I myself have a great reaching story idea that would change things even more with T’challa and Wakanda that I would LOVE to get the opportunity to write one day but I feel that is selfish of me to base my idea against what the author intended (However if you ever want to know it shot me a line!). Jonathan Maberry told a multi faceted story while moving characters forward excellently , which made this whole series a pleasure to both read and look at Scott Eaton’s slick art work.If I have any complaint at all about this story it is that it ended all to quickly and then left you feeling like you you were short change or something.I know that sounds bad but well it just kinda ends and then it is all smiles leaving you with no emotional through line.No true weight to the events that occurred. Aside from that it has been a fun trip. I hope to see more from Maberry and I would love to see Eaton’s work. I would also like to see Doom take a different approach in the Marvel Universe. If you read Simon’s review on Captain America he mentioned how he liked Zemo controlling things from the shadows and I feel like Doom needs to be handled a lot like that as well.

Final Verdict: If you have been reading it FINISH IT! If you have only picked up an issue here or there wait for the trade as you didn’t miss anything too drastic in the Marvel Universe. If anything the trade will collect all the great cover art John Romita Jr. did and look pretty on your shelf!

Sheldon Lee