Review: Deadpool Team-Up #890

Published on August 27th, 2010

Remember ten years ago when there was only one Deadpool series, and you felt lucky to have it? Now there’s so many Deadpool books you can’t throw a rock into a comic book store without hitting one. I’ve been a huge fan of the Merc with a Mouth for a long time now, and even I’m starting to groan when I see another new Deadpool book on the shelf. In my opinion Deadpool Team-Up is a hit or miss book, it only works if the guest star works. For instance the issue with The Living Colossus didn’t do much for me. I think the issue where he teams up with Captain Britain has been my favorite, until now.

deadpoolteam-up890In issue 890 Deadpool teams up with Aaron Stack, the Machine Man. In this story Machine Man is working for Delmar Insurance to collect the $77,341,308.62  that Deadpool owes the company from all of his mercenary hi-jinks. As expected Deadpool tries to kill Machine Man, but it doesn’t go well. During the fight Aaron gets a call from the insurance company who offer to wipe out Wade’s debt if he can pull off one job, stop the Puppet Master (I could have sworn he was dead) who has taken Delmar’s most heavily insured corporate account hostage. Deadpool crashes through a window, guns blazing and immediately injures two of the hostages. Maybe sending Deadpool in on a rescue mission wasn’t the best idea. But the Puppet Master being as lame as he is tries to pay off Deadpool, this offer is used as a distraction for Puppet Master to make one of his puppet dolls to control Machine Man. Fortunately the magic clay won’t work on a machine so Deadpool and Machine Man team up again to fight off the investors that Puppet Master is using as his out of shape fighting force. Finally Machine Man is able to use some of the clay to make a puppet of the Puppet Master that he gives a laser lobotomy to. Unfortunately the clay that Machine Man used came from one of the hostage puppets and when he crumpled the clay he crumpled up the guy. So to keep Deadpool from blabbing to the insurance company about the for sure crippled investor Machine Man has to agree to give Deadpool a good review and let him take some of the Puppet Master’s clay that Deadpool uses to make his pet hamsters dance.

Overall the story is predictable, but I found the whole thing really entertaining. Who else but Deadpool would try to make a shotgun fire a rabid hamster? If that’s not good old fashioned American comedy I don’t know what is. And I always love it when Deadpool goes up against one of Marvel’s (Let’s say) dated characters. I couldn’t help but chuckle when Deadpool and Machine Man repeatedly referred to Puppet Master as an old lady (it’s the eyelashes). I think the best thing about this series is that every issue is a self-contained story. You don’t have to pick up every book to understand what’s going on, so you can look at Humberto Ramos’ awesome cover, see who the guest star is, and decide if you wanna buy it based on that. I would definitely recommend this issue though, and next month Deadpool teams up with the Gorilla Man!

Ken Zeider